Saturday, 28 September 2019

Yoga for Hearing Loss

Have you guys heard of yoga for hearing loss? When Sabine Hobbel learned her son Aidan, now five, was born with hearing loss, she looked to yoga as one way to help him. Sabine created Little Light Yoga and Movement, an online yoga program for kids with hearing loss between the ages of four to eight years. “Hearing loss isn’t just about the ears,” she told me in a recent video call (Sabine lives in Milan, Italy). 

“There are so many areas impacted: balance, fine and gross motor skills, focus and attention, reading skills and eye strength as well as self esteem. These are all areas that can be improved through yoga.” Sabine, a former elite field hockey player in the Netherlands and Australia, turned to the healing properties of yoga after years of the sport took its toll on her body. She was certified as an instructor in 2017. 

 “While I mostly practice Hatha yoga, I adapt it for kids,” she says. Sometimes parents imagine this zen environment — which seems unrealistic for young children — but this is not my yoga. During my sessions there is a lot of laughter, jumping and being silly. I don’t care about perfection. Rather, we focus on breathing and what is happening in our bodies. It doesn’t matter how flexible your little one is or their body type. Yoga is for everyone.

Deaf Anxiety.

I learnt a new phrase recently: 'deaf anxiety'. After reading and learning more about, I realised that whenever I get anxiety, it is most likely because of my lack of ability to hear. And the more I read about it, the more I realised that it resonates with me and it's definitely a thing. It also made me aware that it's a topic that we should be talking about more often, and this is why I decided to open up about it. If you prefer to read the blog or listen to the podcast version of this video, you can do so here.