Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Life as a Deaf & Hearing couple

Hearing loss and relationships...

Carol wasn't sure if Gary was losing his hearing or whether he was ignoring her at first. Then, she started recognizing that he was not partaking in conversations with their kids or friends. Gary's hearing loss started to progress, and he would get stronger and stronger hearing aids, but they were no longer helping him hear. In the video, Carol shares that she "felt frustrated because it felt like I was working harder at being your ears than you were at trying to hear." This growing anger and frustration put a strain on their marriage. 

They used to converse at the end of each day and enjoy each other’s sense of humor. As his hearing loss became worse, Carol would only share what Gary absolutely needed to know because it became too hard to communicate. It became very lonely in their marriage. They have an incredible support system, but they missed their conversations with each other, the laughter they once shared and being able to say, "I love you." Gary held on to communication through emails and closed captioning, but he knew that this wasn't the way he wanted to live his life and that there had to be another solution for him.