Sunday, 6 October 2019

AI Solutions and disability.

AI solutions in the disability market - Eyra Abraham. We often hear news and stories of where AI has gone wrong. However, AI is positively changing the landscape of adaptive and assistive technologies for people living with disabilities. 

This presentation will highlight the latest successes and positive impact brought by new emerging, innovative technology using AI. Bio: Eyra Abraham is the founder of Lisnen, a startup changing the landscape of adaptive technologies for people living with a hearing loss using the latest in AI technologies. Lisnen is developing a mobile app that connects people with a hearing loss to the hearing world. Using vibrating and flashing alert notifications, 

Lisnen brings attention to critical sounds such as siren and fire alarm in any environment right from a smartphone. The goal is to bridge the gap between the hearing world and those with a hearing loss allowing the Deaf/Hard of Hearing to gain independence and security anywhere they are.

Mental Health Services: New Zealand/Australia