Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Mission Impossible?

"Your Mission (If you choose to accept it), is to ensure complete access for the deaf and hard of hearing outside their homes.  Should you (Or your operatives and campaigners), fail to achieve this aim, then obviously we will disallow any knowledge of you... cut off your funding and send you back to school."  HoH still miffed at lip-reading claims.

'I don't think lip-reading is viable in a class situation, we live in our homes and shop on the streets and there does not seem to be any inclusive 'live' tuition to accommodate those areas?  I'd like to see qualification at the end of it too, else, how do we know if the class works properly?  If the point is simply to create minute social areas of like-minded do we need a class to do that? and in doing so does that enhance social interaction outside it?  

Because e.g. supermarkets and other areas put a price on everything and all we have to do is pay at the checkout, and after, personal interaction seems negligible or it tends to create issues when you want to query something.  Lip-reading success demands interactions on a personal level so classes need to move out of 4 walls, doesn't it?  It would help if mainstream had learnt to speak properly but we are not going to get that are we?    There are idiots texting each other across a table rather than talk to teach other, you would have to teach THEM to converse first... Community ain't what it used to be.

It was telling that when I attended such classes (And abandoned them as pointless in my case because teacher could not cope with some pupil that had actually gone deaf already), fellow peers with hearing loss said' I am glad this class exists I would not be able to socialise or lip-read if it didn't.' which seems self-defeating to me.  I don't think the current set up is designed to actually enhance our ability to lip-read.  There is far too much variation of age and loss to have a viable set up it seems to me unless the whole approach changes.  People are switching to text and phones etc NONE of that enhances an ability to lip--read (Or to acquire sign language if it comes to that).  When are they going to take hearing loss seriously?'