Monday, 14 October 2019

Healthcare Rights: Australia

The UK and USA have them too, the trick is to enforce them, so far the UK has seen a drastic reduction of what was once there, and the USA system is a free for all of bias, but at least they have an effective sue legal system.  

The elephant in the room is Charity, the UK state unloaded the onus of care and support to them and, you cannot sue charity for not coming up to scratch, why ? because they 'mean-well' and rely on handouts?   Sadly we support charity, so get the blame ourselves when support is lacking, perhaps time we abandoned this 'have a stab at it' approach, and got real.

After all, UK deaf/HoH Charity is a corporate 'business' these days with a turnover of many £millions, we can sue business if there are shortcomings, so we should be able to sue them, so why don't we?  It would focus on the issue of 'Who is responsible for care and support'? at least.  The government takes taxpayers money to pay for healthcare and support but keeps it for themselves and doles out peanuts to charities to do it whilst cutting support to local authorities and care areas to make provision unviable.

Disabled and vulnerable are already dropping dead through lack of care and the cull goes on.  The next idiot that suggests we sit in a  bath of baked beans to help the poor deafie is likely to get far more than they ask for, it would be a two-word response starting with F and ending that way.