Saturday, 19 October 2019

Listening and Spoken Language.

What is right (And what cultural deaf refuse to accept), is our deaf children are capable of learning and advancing not just relying on sign language but by adapting to alternatives that will enhance their advance and access far better than pigeon-holing deaf children.

The deaf world is not enough for deaf children and neither is sign language on its own.  Deaf children need options, not limitations.  While not all will learn to speak properly or lip-read proficiently,  (Not all will sign effectively either), many will if you start early enough, and with CI's etc those options get better and better.  At the end of the day, culture is not the priority, it's a bonus, access via the ability to adapt is.

For those who say that is unfair, hearing children (And adults), constantly have to re-learn new options and new work skills or THEY cannot get a job, the defiance of certain areas of the deaf community is restricting deaf children, and tuition of the deaf child is geared to enable them to sign and join the community not to work, not to read properly, not to write effectively, but sign in a club or pub somewhere.

Ludricously, some are saying deaf create deaf areas so employ themselves, but the absolute limit on advance is seen with that approach.  Deaf serving deaf and opting OUT of inclusion or access, Deaf arts is one area, but the amount of 'Deaf' coffee shops wanting to employ deaf signers must be minimal surely!  and deaf charities/schools/clubs in the UK are collapsing.  Without literacy deaf will never advance anywhere. BSL is the wrong tool to use to access that with the cultural drive to constantly challenge the grammar and induce politics into learning etc.

Its as if this 'Deaf' sector is anti-inclusion not pro, more concerned with the sign use than the actual dearth of access it enables.  It's setting up the deaf child to fail.  Deaf schools are dated concepts and don't enable inclusion either.