Sunday, 3 November 2019

Last Hiccup: No deaf community.

Image result for SUrvivalI suppose every area needs its extremes and loners railing against the Windmills of advance, but Last Hiccup is in a league of his own.  I rather fear his over-zealous approach to culture and sign language has affected his posts a lot with his random uses of the D and d thing.

As regards to a deaf community, clearly, there isn't one (Assuming we recognise the lack of capitalisation of the term LH is an avid fan of! and the UK doesn't really support).  Large parts of his posts online are littered with so many errors of using those D/d terms I suggest he doesn't really know himself who HE is what or where we are all at.

Of course, his rantings against A G Bell are legendary even if looked upon as the ramblings and thinly-veiled hate messages they really are, and against a man dead 97 years.  If you target the organisations, you target the people in it, i.e. fellow deaf.  The fact the USA prides itself on freedom of choice and will, has obviously annoyed Last Hiccup who feels others should not choose differently from him and orals are a 'choice too far.'

To speak, to Sign?  To hear or not? These are non-questions as a choice, it is the parents, and enablement and ability, that decide not culture.  Certainly not random deaf who feel an oralist charity set up is a personal affront and a threat. If cultists were not so oppositional to choices, perhaps more would go in their favour but we won't know. It's not an issue the UK has because the charitable setups are different here, indeed we are pretty much anti-supporting most of them as a rather tired and patronising image of the old days, few if any at all run a rights campaign as it risks being removed from charitable status to go political.

There is no future for the deaf/Deaf community based on permanent confrontation, or being a martyr for a cause very few support anyway.  The continued usage of the sign only approaches etc just serve to keep those areas in the isolation they say they want out of.  Dressing it up as a cultural right doesn't change the reality of what that entails. 'Help', 'Support', 'inclusion' (Sort of!), and charities that are no longer charities in the sense of the term but 'corporate' care areas for an area of deaf people who insist they don't have an issue needing 'care'.  They use terms like 'empowerment' and 'right' to blur issues instead.  But they still aren't INCLUDED.

Only they see it differently.  It's as if they accept day one inclusion is never going to happen so let's do our own thing, call it culture and just not bother to integrate anyway, all resistance is futile but keeps on raising issues, they still need the funding that provides. Cynical?

Such areas only thrive where there is a concentration of like-minded,  In reality, it is the cities deciding what everyone else wants by sheer numbers and the fact access for them is pretty much there already, though not if you aren't in those areas, but hey collateral damage is unavoidable we can't include everyone!

Enabling the deaf options to have a choice is surely the best way forward?  You cannot do that if you are determined to insist only one option is viable, as YOU see it.  Like the USA well over 60% of deaf in the UK don't have a job worth a S.H.I.T.  either.  If you ask an employer why they don't employ the deaf they say their communication is a prime reason, or, the lack of it.  We can complain this is discrimination, but nothing changes, its economics, there are 1,000s of hearing that won't need that support.  Even throwing near a £1,000 a week via supporting some deaf in work does not seem to work (Unless messing about in deaf arts is your bag!) and deaf arts is only in the City anyway.

The world we live in is at a fast pace and under constant change, and the deaf are left behind.  Hearing employees have to update skills and retrain as they go, you cannot stand still, the deaf are nowhere near being able to do that as it stands. Their basic education is at fault in reality, it lacks drive and options to enhance the deaf ability and even improving their own sign language skill seems to cease at leaving school.  

It's a breeding ground for the unemployed deaf and complainers who feel short-changed and blaming hearing for not empowering the choices, Last Hiccup doesn't want anyway.  They neglect to declare the 'community' of activism is the main area blocking those empowerments.  They exist via pitting 'Us', against 'them'.  Deaf versus hearing. Deaf live in a hearing world, and unless they have more options to cross that divide NOTHING will change.  If A G Bell IS offering those choices, they should be supported, because at the end of a very long day only deaf people count not dogma.  

They need to separate the social from the actual and find the middle ground.  Quit the bilingual con, nobody is buying it.  The UK e.g. is getting rid of deaf schools, and clubs are dwindling too, that would suggest our deaf are already moving away from the 'community' concept and the world 'out there' isn't as bad as is LH is making made out.    

The pseudo online community is also exposed for what it is, desperation to keep the community concept alive.