Saturday, 9 November 2019

Awareness: Doesn't happen!

Image result for what is in it for me?Deaf or HI awareness its a con act isn't it?  Jobs for the boys, an income?  None of it really works at ground level, (At least that is what Hard of Hearing are saying).

#1  "I wear badges, a lanyard , hearing aid jewellery and still it makes no difference! Even when I tell people eventually I'm deaf. Need more deaf awareness for everyone."

#2 "If I had a neon sign, I don't think people would take any notice!"

#3 "I have to admit I've been wearing my ‘I have a hearing loss, please speak clearly’ badge on my work lanyard and either people aren’t noticing it or don’t seem to care or maybe I’m just not observing any difference. I’ll keep wearing it but sadly don’t feel it’s done a great deal."

#4 "Oh and i took off mine, I am a lip reader one because someone got the completely wrong end of the stick, i can’t remember what it was now.. but they definitely didn’t know what lipreading was"

#ATR:  " Lip-reading demands three things, 

(1) a good and clear lip-SPEAKER, 

(2) Ideal environment and compliances, and 

(3) a well trained and adept lip-READER they don't exist. 

LR classes have less than 3% success rate mostly because lip-reading itself is a secondary point to the class, and most of those are people WITH useful hearing anyway. The kickback is when hearing deteriorates beyond useful hearing the lip-reading fails too. Back to square one.  A db loss degree, either way, it doesn't work and as far as I know, no lip-reading/speaking national support area exists either. 

I don't know of any such support area in the NHS here e.g. When was the last time anyone here saw a public service video with a lip-speaker on it? or on the TV? You can get sign or captions, (sometimes!), that's it. 

What encouragement to lip--read is there?  It's never treated seriously as an option."