Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Breaking the Silence

Why I choose not to speak.

Why would anyone choose not to speak when they can? Why are we not convinced by this man?

Service provision in Mainstream

As opposed to UK areas using 'mentors' with next to no qualifications except BSL.  Encouraging to see alternatives to sign are shown to be a norm and viable too.  To be scrupulously fair how many are actual and profound deaf.  Deaf school it isn't.

Why 'relay' services for the deaf?

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A recent wels advert for a relay system, not everyone is for it.

"Over the last few weeks, I’ve been trialling a new app called RelayUK, provided by BT - which helps Deaf people to make phone calls! It has been brilliant and I’m excited to say it launches today!"

"For most, the issue is about being able to make calls on our own to hearing and other deaf people, and a relay system is the 'digital' version of having an interpreter isn't it? Areas like Facetime and Skype need to be lobbied to include effective and real-time speech to text, we are still away from a viable version of doing that. 

The Deaf, Lobbying for more systems like relays, is taking a step backwards in my view, that goes for signhealth too, we should not be relying on third parties. S Wales got rid of the deaf social services who did all that, now deaf are lobbying again and again for more terps and more relay systems.  

The argument seems to suggest deaf are incapable of reading English or 'prefer' to rely on sign help and someone else's voice instead, but that is no argument for not lobbying to enable the rest of us. So its a thumbs down from me for relay services."