Tuesday, 17 December 2019

The best and the worst 2019.

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The best (And worst of UK deaf and HoH online sites 2019).  So many were complete rubbish I have included just the ones worth a mention.

Deafland -  Full of the deaf having fun, who have a real-life and not obsessed with sign language or culture and wouldn't know who Epee was except it now costs 50p to have one.  People getting on with it.

Deaf European (Politics) - May not be the worst deaf site in the UK ever, but we were not able to find anyone else as stupid, biased,   or uninformed, thank goodness few deaf look at it.  They probably still think the earth is flat too.  Full of egotistical deaf obsessed with own navel and my dog has more political awareness than they do, and he gets out more.  Off-shoot of the olde email deaf-UK area that never went outside a deaf club, experts on introspection.  Albeit have still no sign for that. Still think it is 1950 and they matter.  

UK Hard of Hearing.  A decent site discussing real awareness of hearing loss, albeit still a bit obsessed with the pros and cons of hearing aids and clinical stuff,  if they can drop the ear wax obsessions too, win-win,  but to be fair are getting better all the time, now taking the fight to the signing community after 15 years giving them a free run, battle joined.  Fully able to display neither a need for sign language or lip-reading and probably lead the way in use of technology that assists.

Charities.  A really difficult area to assess as all are total bollox and would not know awareness if it had 3 heads and bit them in the leg.  Patronisation taken to a new and very subversive level.

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AOHL - Who use us all as a meal ticket, speak in our name and have no mandate (Who needs ACTUAL people with hearing loss, we don't!).  Kicked out their BSL members and never looked back.  Arch-experts at manufacturing statistics to meet their funding demands, and a corporate and charitable juggernaut no other deaf or hearing loss charities can match.    Is more interested in Royalty and holding awareness meets in posh hotels with hearing people.  Not comfortable with people who have hearing loss at all hence why all their executive are hearing and sign use support is a limited option.

The BDA - Hopeless losers with hardly any deaf membership and worship at the shrine of Paddy Ladd, absolutely convinced Milan was actually a watershed deaf moment and not just had a passable football team.  Can beat AOHL any day on manufacturing bare-faced lies and statistics, think of any number can double, triple or quadruple it, last count more BSL people lived in the UK than Brits did.

Has an executive Hitler would be proud of and why you never hear any complaints from their members.  Has more trustees than most, but they do tend to suddenly vanish without a trace quite a lot.  Lost 8 of them last year.  Has online sewn up, only supporters who keep their mouths shut and pass the BSL entrance exam and know the funny hand-shakes can join or stay.  A prime example of WHY deaf signers are still alienated.  Let's hope BDA members stay that way.

The NADP - probably the only online site alleged to represent people deafened but is still unable to actually show any members fitting that criteria.  Has been buried 4 times but still online for some reason nobody is able to fathom.  Loss Zombies. Some say it's for the funding to stay online but we don't really know, they offer no viable services and have no identifiable support system or awareness either.  Leftovers from retired social services mostly who love wandering about stately homes.

Deafinitely Theatre.   The show must go on (Deaf need all the dosh they can get). Composed of the most expensive, opinionated and London-based deaf theatrical luvvies in the entire UK, but who produce no output anyone watches outside their own fan club in London.  Reputed to be mostly composed of members who have claimed the highest amount of welfare payments of any disabled sector in the entire UK but who insist despite claiming disability funding they aren't.  Nice work if you can get it, and they have.  The output is obscure mostly, (the emperor's new clothes but with hands).

Deaf Umbrella.  They don't even need rain.  Sees itself as an 'aggregator' of some kind that operates as a 'think tank' with major charity players as members.  It's more the tail wagging the dog as without major players turning up they would fold, mostly criticised for failing to include smaller dedicated charities, and only interested in the big players, priced out the smaller ones.   Major players use this charity primarily to headhunt the more active and kill off the opposition who attend. Looking at profitable charity ventures and then moving in on them to asset strip. A prime example of what is all wrong about deaf and hearing loss support since we all became a commodity to be sold off to the highest bidder.

Most of the other 553+  not worth a mention really, with 78% duplicating themselves, most with no financial acumen whatever and bleeding support funding dry to no use to us, many with less than 5 members and unable to offer any type of support.    4 major ones folded this year costing over 300 deaf a living from sheer incompetence.  Offering blind dogmatic support for culture as opposed to supporting basic need.  Has cost fund givers £m's in handouts this year and no visible improvements in support or awareness have been seen.  They sit behind a computer and hardly have any contact with real deaf or Hard of Hearing people.  Have taken re-inventing the wheel to mind-boggling level.

The NDCS.  Probably amidst the better charities but still not really willing to counter the BSL area or address the interference they offer to the education of deaf children, often deliberately misquoted as supporting many aspects of the culture they don't, including immersive BSL education, anti-CI's, anti-hearing aids, claim genetics is cultural genocide etc,  and opposes parental choice.  There isn't much these people do want but obscurity but nobody seems to give them that. The last area offering some sanity towards helping the deaf or their children being ham-strung by rabid cultists.

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We couldn't finish here without naming the complete Turkey of the year, the SEE HEAR BSL program, still online and on TV via sheer sufferance/annoyance of everyone else, and who utilise cultural blackmail, without using that cultural card would have been gone years ago.  SEE HEAR along with the BBC first closed out the hard of hearing, then, closed out own deaf online feedback sites to the program after people complained they were not an inclusive area and actually discriminated against people with hearing loss.  Now has own 'Deaf luvvie' area sanitised and offering no criticism or realistic feedback at all now.   Deaf who sold out the rest of us. 

Deaf moving to the BBC Disability area were also removed from there too. Seems nobody wants the SEE HEAR images of deaf people but the BBC itself.  We want it gone.  It's a dated concept that never was inclusive.  'All Deaf sign' and can walk on the water too.