Thursday, 26 December 2019

Review of 2019

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A few snippets of ATR output coverage this year, just a small example over 1200 blogs ATR has published this year, how many did YOU miss?   An overview is deaf and HoH awareness has failed again this year, BSL is still struggling, deaf charities are failing and closing,  and access and inclusion for deaf children and adults is even more of an issue than it was last year.  We are back in many respects to pre-rights act status. ATR this year also passed the 2 million viewer total at Deaf.Read, and 4.2 million overall, (Many thanks). Oh, and we dumped Europe too.

January 2019    AOHL reports a willingness to pay settlement fees for hearing staff from Europe.
                           UK NHS using under-age children of deaf as interpreters.
                            Challenges are made to hearing dogs for the deaf.
                            Poor responders kicked out of Facebook Groups.
                            Deaf and Disabled faking own awareness.
                            BSL activists attack coverage of Babies with CI's.
                            AOHL reported in Financial trouble,
                            Airline criticised for failing to write things down for deaf people.
                            Hearing parents landed with £6,000 bill to learn BSL.

February 2019.   New emojis contain CI's, Hearing aids, and disability icons. 
                             Deaf unemployed man's CV rejected over 1,000 times.
                             Blind dog owner attacked 6 times on the street.
                             Deaf to get more A2W funding, top rate now near £900 per week for BSL.
                             Half of the USA youth expected to go deaf.
                             Deaf reported as suffering 'Boarding School' syndrome.
                             USA deaf demand sign interpretation at funeral homes.
                             Role modelling questioned as biased and discriminatory.

March 2019.       Deaf Direct Funding was withdrawn.
                            New Welsh Sign Language app emerges.
                            100s more UK deaf children to get CI's,
                             New Signs created for deaf drug addicts and support workers.
                             World first for middle ear transplant.

April 2019.           Increase of deaf extremism and attacks recorded at medical research into 'cures'.
                              Deaf boy has 'greater IQ than Einstein'.
                              Deaf woman refused a job as a potential 'risk'.
                              Jehova Witness' step up the targetting of vulnerable deaf.
                              UK insists disabled aren't entitled to Human Rights.
                              Blind and Deaf humiliated for trying to claim Universal Credit.

May 2019.             USA deaf attack the 'Hearing Impaired' terminologies.
                              New Zealand deaf finally discovers 1880s Milan.
                              Hearing to be taught signing swear words deaf use.
June 2019.          Deaf hear through fingertips as 'Glove' technology emerges.  
                              UK Deaf to demand the return of professional Social Service support again.
                              Deaf students abandoning University courses through lack of support.
                              Now OK to call the disabled 'Disabled'.
                              A cure for Tinnitus mooted.
                              Inside Bali's deaf village.

July 2019.            Allegations of fraud at ELDS.
                              Cultural 'Hype' challenged.      
                              Cumbria Deaf charity in Crisis.
                              The gift of deafness.
                              Socal modelling questioned in the UK.
                              Deaf hate crime increases on Facebook.

August 2019.       Deaf children left behind in UK Education.
                              BDA in disarray as Trustees en mass leave.
                              Di Marco - Wrong and Biased?     
                              UK aged deaf 'too old' for support.
                              'Anti-Social HoH' clash with BSL users. 

September 2019. 1st deaf juror reported as 'untrue'.
                                W.I.T.S. Interpreters and relay involvement.
                                Audists defended.   
                                Lip-reading reported as virtually useless. 
                                GDA.  1919 - 2019.
                                BDA blanks member concerns and ignores their EGM request.

October 2019.       Trends in assistive technologies for the deaf.          
                                Terry Riley dies.
                                1 billion 'at risk' worldwide of going deaf.
                                UK discrimination against deaf is institutional.
                                Deaf couple wants deaf gene edited out of their child.

November 2019.    More UK cuts to deaf and blind support.
                                 Deaf man hoaxes bomb alerts at Super Bowl.
                                 NDCS  opposes immersive BSL approaches for deaf children.
                                 BDA states 'We don't want deaf who cannot sign as members.'
                                 Welsh Channels discriminate against the deaf.

December 2019.    'Is the deaf community worth saving'.
                                 Helping the deaf speak.
                                 'End of Deafness in sight' reported.
                                 The loneliness of the older deaf.
                                  Deaf MP refused support to stand.
                                  Does BSL actually exist?

Image result for ostrich head in the sand]Xmas Turkeys?  Two we think won it 'hands down'.

(1) The BBCs/BSL ancient and creaking 'SEE HEAR' program, publishing sheer bias since 1981, on TV under sufferance only, and have to threaten cultural discrimination to stay on screen, but the BBC moved them to the graveyard shift instead.  They still didn't get the message.

(2)  The British Deaf  Association, who blanked members, gagged and legally threatened them, then lost 8 trustees in quick succession, still claiming to be the only BSL and cultural charity around, but struggling to get any deaf to join it and in debt.  Now with new trustless but expect nothing at all to change except a few new faces preaching the same old rubbish. Avoid it at all costs.