Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Post it? Lose it? get Spammed instead.

One result of a recent search: Only 24 UK deaf links today, but just THREE of them concerned the UK itself.  Can youtube posters please remember adding the 'deaf/sign/culture or hearing loss' tags will NOT mean it can be located by UK deaf viewers?  Not even adding 'UK' will guarantee it relates to them.  UK output is too small to 'compete' with the rest of the world.

On 3 other google search options requesting a 'British' deaf search, less that 2.5% actually referred to the UK and it is suspected Google is prioritising ASL unfairly with blanket priority.    Deaf posters need to remember that tags have to be specific, not, general, or they will get lost and remain unseen as the USA and India, and other areas swamp online with their output, its no cast-iron guarantee but could make searching easier.  It would be an idea for us all to agree on a specific set of tags to make things easier for deaf and HoH online. 

Deaf, deaf, sign language and hearing loss, being no longer applicable. It would appear British posters accept nobody IN the UK is going to see what they produce anyway so the output is rapidly diminishing youtube - wise.  UK Deaf are moving to FB where site owners can weed out youtube posts we do not want but are becoming insular as a result.

Requests for Google to address the inequality of tagged posts are being ignored, even Google stating they cannot make tags work themselves, as the leading 'deaf' posts this year were mooted as 'slime' and gardening ads, (Followed closely by disgusting promotions of ear wax removal).  It's clear the algorithm Google is using cannot effectively direct the deaf and loss community to its own output as even omitting the tags is being abused by advertisers (And worse!),  to target the deaf with all manner of irrelevant postings, as advertising is more important to Google than us knowing what other deaf are doing.  

At one point last year a weekly search showed us 680 in one week with only 9 that actually pertained TO our sector.  NO amount of tag search variation made much difference.  Advertisers were using the deaf tags to promote own services and goods.  What we need to do is aggregate our output and stop posts being displayed that do not contain deaf or loss relevance, if Google cannot control it then we must.

Mainstream to achieve Parity?

Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan
Probably the story of the year where equal rights success, created huge inequalities and discrimination as a direct result, and why there is a need to re-write the human rights laws in the UK so EVERYONE gets the same deal.   Have minority campaigns created more inequality?  E.G, has cultural promotion created discrimination at deaf support?  Was support redefined to prioritise certain areas of hearing loss instead of treating all need as that same priority?  Did specialisation create an elite?

Article: Thousands of heterosexual couples in England and Wales are expected to enter into civil partnerships later today. The unions will take place after a long legal battle against the law, which had only permitted same-sex couples to become civil partners. 

The partnerships offer almost identical rights as marriage, including property, inheritance and tax entitlements. Approximately 84,000 mixed-sex couples could become civil partners next year, the government has estimated. The changes come after heterosexual couple Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan won their legal bid at the Supreme Court in 2018 for the right to have a civil partnership instead of a marriage. As a result, rules were changed to extend civil partnerships - available to same-sex couples since 2005 - to everyone.