Monday, 13 January 2020

BBC to close their text service.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Is the text service closing? Unfortunately, yes. From the 30th January 2020, the red button text based service will no longer be available. The text based service includes news and sport headlines and business, weather, travel and lottery updates.'

Deaf social media on the BBC's recent declaration they are removing their TV text service. 

ATR: We read this before we quite liked that service as it was essential before we all had access to the net on phones etc, but bear in mind many older deaf (Reputed to be above 60%), still don't access online and now won't have access via their TV anymore.   We appreciate apps and the net have moved on but the text access on your own TV set was a ground-breaker in access terms as was 888, sign language never was and still has issues of being viewed and complaints about content not being inclusive.  The text service also gave insights on medical, scientific and technological advances it's all in one place.  It was a one-stop Information area easily accessible to all.

The BBC used to have 'No Need To Shout', etc (A text-based feedback/letter site on the BBC), that ATR was a major contributor to, run by Chas Donaldson but later ruined by a BSL clone who drove feedback away), also a regular weekly RNID feedback social site, but the BBC's archive on deaf access omits text-based output coverage for some reason, no doubt it is political and run by atypical incoherent hashtag-based idiots now entrenched there.  Most want the licence got rid of so this appalling and biased TV channel gets sorted out and its right to raid our wallets with impunity removed, not least because it allows persistent and biased false images of a sanitised deaf and disabled community to tun riot. 

It is yet another assault on our diverse access need, by the BBC who also removed all deaf feedback to SEE HEAR on their site and installed these disabled who won't question blocked access instead so they can be some 'elite' within this deaf world they create for themselves. The RNID followed removing their open forum so we could not provide feedback publicly to them either. And as ATR posted only this week sold off its deaf care homes. It all seems silly given 90% of online output is text anyway.  

We get deaf 'luvvies' now from the smoke (London),  doing their thing which has no link to the realities of the deaf anywhere else. Proclaiming access nobody else appears to have but them.

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