Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Did Deafo! fail to get BSL in education?

Seems they got little else but publicity but played down the fact the Welsh Assembly did not in the end, endorse it despite a campaign lasting 3 years...

Comment: BSL promotes BSL there was little or no evidence the deaf were using BSL to access welsh or wanted to, and there is well-known deaf opposition to learning English grammar too, the petition was not exactly clear or explained properly.  

It is simplistic on the face of a petition that fails to be informative.  It was also a non-inclusive petition which ignores other children with hearing loss and deafness, and parents who may offer preference for speech training as opposed to sign language, the fact the professionals needed to support their petition does not exist was not stated except by assembly researchers.  Of the registered 2,000 deaf children the petition was for, no statistic was offered regarding parental or child choices or current usage.

In essence, the BSL petition is a challenge to parental choice. As stated in the video over 500 THOUSAND have hearing loss so it was unhelpful to support just one mode in that regard and ignored a 60% take-up of CI's.  The petition suggested over 1,000 signed it, of course, that is not 50% of the 2,000 odd quoted deaf children but a 1,000 people and lobbied on the street or online many not even resident in Wales.   As there are no deaf schools IN Wales just how would it work anyway?

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