Sunday, 12 January 2020

Do deaf people?

If they never meet deaf people should you not be asking why? There are many within the deaf community who have no interest in integrating with or meeting up with hearing people on any regular basis and defend the 'deaf space' to the point of banning hearing going into the deaf community areas to SEE what they really do, all it is, is mostly half-hearted attempts to teach them some signing ABC.

Our experience at deaf clubs e.g. show there is little or no truth in the claim hearing do not understand us at all. It's all too easy to poke fun or criticise 'hearing ignorance' and no doubt this gets worthy 'nods' and support from those paranoid deaf convinced hearing and speech, or hearing aids and CI's, are the devil's very own tools of discrimination against us all, and the hearing just want rid of us.

At ATR, we suspect it is a cultural con act, and hides a lot of realities the 'Deaf' community is unwilling to face up to. Frankly, the constant 'criticism' by the deaf about hearing unawareness is down to the fact there is none that is done in an effective or truthfully accurate way, its hopelessly biased and inaccurate  ASL or BSL cultural bull manure mostly as we can see, and secular to the point awareness is only directed at point two per cent of the entire hearing loss and deaf population and has nothing to do with what is needed to breakdown barriers as its a cultural fest of some kind. Hard of Hearing get by in their millions with none of the angst, they don't have the luxury of signing or culture as a buffer or an excuse.

'What hearing need to do for us..' etc and never "What the deaf need to do to cross the divides themselves.."  It has to be a 50-50 approach.  Do we really think there is nothing at all the deaf can do unless everyone signs to them? 90% of us manage without it, or can utilise other means because we want in to what everyone else has and see no future in some glorious isolationism approach.  There is text, lip-reading, pencil and paper even, and just sheer determination to make the effort. 

Hearing don't sign, it is not our fault etc, how negative an excuse is that? According to a recent claim online TWICE as many hearing sign in UK BSL than within the deaf community itself.... so why aint it working? probably because those hearing have no access to the deaf 'community' or what passes for one these days.  Why would they go online just to be lectured at?  The only way to shut up these silly claims hearing do not understand us, is to get out there and show them how to,  or nothing will change.

I'm sure deaf wives don't understand them either...

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