Friday, 17 January 2020


What is Signable?

Using cutting-edge technology, Signable provides the best way to capture an eSignature on a document between two (or more) parties.

Signable provides easy to use software to thousands of businesses using a secure online, digital process for signing documents. It’s easy to create an electronic document from scratch or upload an existing Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel file or PDF template to create and send:

Sales contracts
Employment contracts
Property leases
Order forms

Signable helps businesses to meet the legal requirements of electronic signing processes in legal legislation around the world and adheres to the European Union’s eIDAS regulation.

We keep your data and documents secure and record every action of the document signing process. With our audit trails, you can keep track of everything you worked on and all the different parties involved, providing a detailed overview of every step of the signing process.

Signable follow and exceed the legal requirements a document must meet to be legally accepted. These include:

Being uniquely linked to the signatory & being capable of identifying the signatory.
Using electronic signature-creation data, any change to the data is detectable and flagged up.

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  1. Sign able has queried if the details are correct on this post, ATR took the details from its own site without any alterations. They say the video is correct but own site details aren't?