Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Hearies create own signing

And annoy the purists.  ATR: If they criticise hearing attempts then it will discourage them from trying.  Most of the negativity of sign language is the deaf being hyper-critical of how it is signed, everything about sign 'awareness' is a LECTURE, e.g. Deaf do this, Deaf do that, this isn't 'real' sign, the 'right' way to talk to us, the wrong way, 5/10/15 things hearing do to get up our nose,  5/10/15 things they should be doing so they don't, the messages are a turn-off.   I wonder do deaf even read what they put out?  When you put all these things together and include criticism of hearing aids, CI's whatever, you see a very confused and random negative sort of awareness based on fear really.

People will just assume deaf are too picky and critical and back off.  Deaf do this Deaf do that, fine go do your own thing just don't include us, we respect you need to be left alone, but I thought you did not want that?  If hearing are using signed English that is fine too.  We don't need the albatross of culture or 'real' BSL/ASL, we just need to be able to follow what people are saying.    Simple I know but...

When campaigns started about sign language it was ALL about enabling deaf to be included and able to understand others, sign was created to bridge divides, this seems to have got lost as the main point, and sign creation was enabled by hearing people who still are primary enablers of it.  Not that it has been appreciated much.  Sadly born deaf interpreters aren't up to it unless they have an effective alternative TO sign language.

I doubt anyone cared at all then about Milan 200 years ago, so the message is back to basics, we live in a hearing world so we have to find a bridge to get that equality working real-time, I despair at campaigns the BSL/ASL people are running, few are about true access and there is an arrogance with some that is completely misplaced.  

I understand there are some deaf who don't care about being included so long as their deaf 'world' is still around for them, but anyone with half an ear (!) will see that is getting less and less an option every day.  The battle for inclusion has been undermined by cultural campaigning.  Many cultures can find real inclusion and not lose who they are, but the deaf are struggling because of an unwillingness to accept realities, it suggests they lack confidence in their own culture which 99% do not have anyway given our parents and siblings are all hearing and we are sole people deaf in our families, so many in hearing families who are struggling with this concept of culture when there is no need.

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