Thursday, 23 April 2020

BDA exposed as misinforming deaf people.

Coronavirus: BBC News channel to provide BSL for daily government ...18 March-BBC – Government briefings in BSL on Coronavirus (update).

The BBC have announced that they will be providing Sign Language Interpretation on all weekday Coronavirus government briefings and that the BBC is doing everything it can to ensure these important briefings are accessible.

Please note:  Due to limited resources there will be some changes to live signing on the BBC News from Monday 23rd March as follows:

On weekday mornings there will be signing from:-

07:45 – 08:15

13:00 – 13:30

News will be signed each weekday as normal as will the 07:00 – 07:30 slots on weekends.

The situation is quickly developing and the BBC will keep you informed of any further changes to their sign language coverage. We would be grateful if you could share these changes with your networks.

BBC Wales:

Coronavirus: Wales NHS chief issues Easter stay home plea - BBC News

BBC Scotland:

UK Government urged to use sign language on coronavirus briefings ...


Coronavirus in Ireland: What we know so far

BBC England:

This was NOT in response to the BDA campaign and occurred before that was launched, so why are activists trying to take credit for something they never did?

It goes without re-stating (but it looks like we have to keep correcting these wayward BSL activists still claiming there is none.)  That ATR has provided ample evidence BSL access is there for all the users of it. As the first visual evidence shows,  BSL access was even before Boris was taken ill. 

Other outrageous lies are about 'BSL Interpreter bans' again this is NOT happening, because of obvious risks of infection, face to face translation is being limited and because the virus has meant BSL terps are staying at home to be safe, they won't be any resource for the deaf if they go down with coronavirus too, BUT, there is a free video relay system in BSL for anyone that needs it.    

These are dangerous times and we all need to start using common sense and adapt, it is no time to launch petty and unfounded attacks on access issues outside any government remit.  Many issues emerging are because of the self-isolation deaf have always protected on cultural grounds, and also why they never bothered to include their own elderly left out of the digital revolution and dumped by their organisations too.

Community ethos have come under fire... from a killer who is invisible, and cares nothing for sign language or deaf people.

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