Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Easily add subtitling to your vids. 

How do you add Live Titles to your Clips?

You can use Live Titles on any Clip you add, video or photo, new or from your library.

Note: Like in the early days of Siri Dictation, Apple is using online transcription for Clips, so you'll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular data network to use Live Titles. Also, like Siri Dictation, Live Titles will dynamically update as the audio engine gets a better sense of your context — so don't be surprised if you see words changing, just keep speaking. 

Tap the Live Titles button, top left. Tap on the Style of Live Titles you want to use in the live preview tiles. Tap the Record Audio button to turn off sound and just use the Live Titles. Touch and hold Hold to Record/Add This Clip/Add This Photo (if you're taking a new photo, you'll need to tap the shutter button first, then hold to add.) Speak clearly, with crisp enunciation, while holding down the button. Let go when you're done. 

Turning off the mic only turns off the audio. Live Titles are still captured. If you change your mind about the style, or want to edit the text, you can do both once you're done recording. Note: Live Titles can't caption an existing video (unless you recorded it in Clips) but you can record new audio to caption over library video or photos as you insert them. 

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