Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Deaf 911

Deaf 911 from Prodigious NY on Vimeo.

Systems have always advocated signed access is too slow and unreliable, and sign does not reach the most with deafness or hearing loss, but these deaf still insist on it.  Their constant demands and criticism of English and its grammar etc have all contributed to their isolation and access issues.  

Their response?  It's all a hearing fault not theirs. Its a case now that their 'right' is so obviously doing them a wrong.  They still believe the world is going to adapt to them when we know this is never going to happen.  Most of us non-reliant on sign language, and able to use alternatives, and deaf also, have found help and access a lot quicker because we are willing to adapt and compromise, but the determination to do neither by these deaf is now making real problems for them.

Effective speech to text and vice-versa will relegate sign language to a novelty.

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