Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Deaf avoid face touching when signing?

Quite obviously when alone using video relay no problem, but deaf are going outdoors for essentials like the rest of us and then it tends to break down as deaf signers touch their faces again.  This is neither time nor place to complain sign is being criticised, its no use if you are ending up in hospital as a result.  There are also myths about how effective using gloves are e.g.

You follow the 2 metre rules go into shops, are met by a check out operator or shopkeeper at the end to pay, HE or SHE is wearing gloves that have already touched cash/goods etc from dozens of other customers who probably did not wear them, hence the demand to stop using cash and use cards only.  Unless the shop owners/staff are cleaning the gloves after EVERY customer you have to treat any handling or goods by others with great care.

Deaf are very touchy-feely, that has to stop too, maintain distance.  Touching your face is ONLY relatively safe IF, you have ensured as well as you are able your hands are scrupulously clean.  While we were all told to use reusable shopping bags, THAT is no longer viable either, as you can transmit the virus to supermarket operatives that way.  We get new every time and when you handle those new ones wash and clean hands again, dispose of them, and don't touch your face either.

Nobody is saying don't sign, they are saying don't infect yourself or others, be sensible.

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