Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Deaf Brits/Italians and coronavirus.

[This video was actually banned on a UK BSL site because it contained International sign, a version of sign language not allowed, which was curious given the presentation was all in English captioning and 50% of the signing was in BSL?]  I blame Brexit personally lol.....

It's pretty obvious some deaf never actually checked BSL access was there, apart from one area it wasn't BSL in a 'box' in the corner of the TV, indeed interpreters stood with ministers and still do at daily briefings, there seems to be confudion about this access that still is extant on social media sites despite HUGE amounts of information around in BSL there are people claiming there isn't or haven't seen any.  We gather the lack of BSL terp at just ONE briefing in England was promoted as a total lack of any access.  

The people who missed BSL access are those who aren't online, are unable to read, or have no TV set.  (Which means the Brit on screen is a mystery as she is none of those?).

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