Saturday, 18 April 2020

Hard Of Hearing fear for AOHL?

Action on Hearing Loss NI | NICVA#1 Yesterday I received an email from Action on Hearing Loss advising that from 1st May they will no longer be selling “assistive products”.  They will continue to offer advice and information on assistive products but will be concentrating their efforts on other things e.g research, information, advice and support, and campaigning.  They want to do fewer things better.  No doubt many of you will have also received this email but am posting this for those of you who are not members of AOHL.
#2 I will miss this service as I have used it several times and found it useful.  Already there were a few things missing when I went online a few days ago and I was unable to find what I’ve ordered before in the HA maintenance section.  I will be interested to hear about other companies/organisations who sell products which are designed to help people with hearing loss.

#3 In January AOHL was having cash-flow issues and decided to sell off its deaf care options to the private sector, I got an email saying assistive devices are being closed too. 

#4  ATR: This is part of the new AOHL they are moving AWAY from deaf support and provisions to concentrate on research and the deaf cure etc. As for campaigning, they won't campaign on a rights platform because they won't challenge the system.  Currently, they cut and paste campaigns from other areas they have none of their own.  It is a timely move as they cannot sell stuff anyway and many other device sales areas are far cheaper than the AOHL they were struggling to compete. 

#5 I gather connevans was shut currently? 

#6 I think AOHL is struggling to survive frankly but they had issues before Xmas last year, they got too big and now having to slash services to ensure they can survive. Membership and funding has nose-dived too. I know certain deaf areas won't support the AOHL anyway and left in droves some years ago over a row about BSL support. 

#7 There are next to no BSL using deaf at AOHL any more, and few HoH either, so it is just the HoH area now AOHL serve, now they have stopped selling them assistive devices one fears the worst. 

#8  It's poor relationship with grassroots HoH and the deaf hasn't made things easier for them nor was offering to use the funding to  pay visa costs for staff from abroad and not hiring UK people. 

#9  The BDA has suffered too with mass resignations of ALL their trustees last year, which they had to replace, amid claims the old guard were bullying and financially incompetent, I don't think the new lot are any different. Dumb and Dumber springs to mind.

#10 ATR: Charity hearing-loss-wise is going to change but it isn't down to the virus it has been coming for a long time. Most are dissolutioned with them, a 19/20thc approach is not relevant in the 21st.  Deaf and others with hearing loss prefer the legal rights approach not the benevolent hand-outs one, where charity awareness is promoted in posh hotels clearly aimed at people who have money to donate to them, or charities hire professional beggars to raise money and thus make beggars of us all.  Equality is a right in law so is the provision to enable, why are we even bothering with Charities and thus cutting our own access throat?

#11  AOHL will have to move to calm fears they are folding, and to clarify just what sort of remit it is operating now, their rebrand was an unmitigated pink disaster that cost them dearly, then they realised removing the R (As IN royal), from their site meant donors would be less willing to donate to them, as the corporate ones only fund the AOHL in the hope of a meet with the queen and get something their money cannot buy, an MBE or similar. 

#12  Yep, the old 'RNID' link stays there too and that is why.  

#13 ATR: They had 4 years where they banned all feedback on their forum from its own members. Under pressure they re-opened it, but then shut them down for good after insisting you can only ask them for feedback privately.  Hardly inclusion was it, their social media has been in 'lockdown' since day one, heavy monitoring to ensure concerns do not get an airing there either.

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