Thursday, 9 April 2020

In praise of charity.

Alibaba launches blockchain for charities - Ledger Insights ...Or not if we read some blog comments! and as the deaf charities scramble to grab lottery cash to carry on we will no doubt see widespread abuse of declared remits to.

As a lifelong profoundly Deaf person, I see a few really good charities here. Sign Health and NDCS are excellent and their already important work will be even more relevant at this difficult time. Many Deaf people, including young Deaf people, will have some mental distress during the novel virus outbreak.

The BDA are also pretty good – a properly Deaf representative and staffed Deaf organisation is crucial at all times, but even more so at the moment. I’ve not had much experience with the others, so can’t comment, but I’m rather surprised to see AOHL on this list. They have few deaf staff, they often speak over us and ignore us. Worse, they cut important services, like their legal casework team. Worst of all, they’ve just sold off their care homes, which are places that are especially vulnerable at a time like this. Apart from this blip, a mostly solid collection.

ATR:  Deaf serving deaf?  The BDA don't actually provide deaf care on any level of significance, they are a cultural deaf & sign organisation and with hardly any deaf membership of note.  Sign Health had a pretty poor start as initially, they were lobbied against for failing to provide captioning or subtitling via their health advice videos, they were forced to include.  Via deaf relay, they still are not doing that properly.  They are toeing the 'all deaf sign' credo still.

The NDCS isn't a 'Deaf' organisation as such but is primarily supportive of deaf children and other children with hearing loss and their parents.  It also refused to commit to supporting a law for any sort of immersive BSL education and still does.  People need to stop calling all these charities 'Deaf' ones, they aren't.

The AOHL (as the poster wrote), has/have mixed involvement with deaf (who left that charity some years ago), and has since withdrawn all feedback from them. It pays lip-service to the 'Deaf' campaigns so they can still claim funding via their 'inclusive' remit obligations.

Yes, AOHL declared a sell-off of all their deaf care areas and were failing to meet their own financial commitments in January 2020 their CEO went public to admit it, they are supporting the deaf 'cure' and research areas now.  Supporting deaf is no longer a viable area to be in apart from supplying BSL terps at a price, AOHL are mere 'agents' to the deaf.  

Other charities (e.g. like the East Lancashire one), were too incompetent to run care for the deaf and folded leaving a 100 deaf without the support and their staff with no wages.  They couldn't count.  I am unsurprised deaf are struggling with this bunch of randoms running it like an old deaf club and old pals set up, I suspect most young deaf have little or nothing to do with them.

Today, ATR was sent a BDA video link in Wales about GP coronavirus advice to put on the blog,  and we turned it down flat for inclusion because it contained no captioning, no subtitles, no lip-speaking, and no narrative of what it contained.  If this is helping the deaf I'm a banana, a rather pathetic attempt to suggest it supports deaf people, who ARE  these deaf that require next to no access support? 

The BDA cannot hold on to their own trustees for 5 minutes, there were mass resignations before Xmas in 2019 and they ALL went, then quickly replaced by people who know their place and kept tilting at windmills.  We can only hope the BDA are NOT able to claim government funding to carry on with their ridiculous remit and they fold. I.E. when we actually know what their remit actually was or is.

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