Saturday, 4 April 2020

Pay attention there!

As many deaf are isolated now is the time to start improving their skills in communications with hearing and family others.  ATR has randomly listed 3 starter areas so deaf can get more of an idea of the skills they need to break out of the deaf straightjacket and improve their own ability to compete with others and also get better work opportunities.  

The vids are only a 'guide' but there are lots free online for deaf to make a start with.   Don't just sit here hoping everything will come to sign for you.  It is factual not enough deaf are leaving special educational areas and then going on to improve on that and stagnating communication-wise and becoming more and more reliant on interpreters etc, we have to stop doing that.  While there are still barriers to further education there is nothing to prevent deaf from doing it for themselves.  Doing nothing in the vain hope others will eventually adapt to them is time-wasting.

Ignorance, illiteracy, and apathy, combined with complacency, are far greater an issue than deafness ever will be.


Basic English grammar

Making conversation.

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