Wednesday, 22 April 2020

The rise of Pinoccio

Disproportionate and misleading information. Subtitling and captions were deliberately omitted on the video where they were provided with every daily briefing and only ONE area in the UK did not provide in-vision BSL access. The BSL user has NEVER had so much televised access as they have now.

E.G. the BBC's channel 601 provides complete BSL coverage every day, the Welsh, Scottish and NI assemblies daily provide live updates too.  Read ATR's listing of dozens of BSL daily update areas. 

Channel 4 has been criticised for failing to do proper research into the accuracy of this video or its claims, and also contributing to airing scare stories aimed at vulnerable deaf people. 

As always when BSL activism areas want to make a point they are suddenly all lip-readers or all deaf-blind as well, deplorable reporting, poor journalism, and dubious opportunism from the deaf activists, worse non-awareness.  Instead of highlighting where access is, they chose to target one area where it wasn't and made that a blanket statement.

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