Friday, 17 April 2020

The truth the whole truth?

The Whole Truth: Part 2 – A New LifeATR is reading proposals to sue the UK government for lack of BSL interpretation during the coronavirus outbreak.  This is not true it is a campaign that is economical with the truth.  BSL coverage of everything on TV or online is never going to happen.

E.G. Wales had a BSL terp day one and alongside the daily updates from the welsh assembly and still does every day at 12:30pm,  also HERE, so did Scotland, also at day 3 of the lockdown ATR noted  73 BSL videos came out by BSL organisations, individuals and groups updating everyone, and are still coming out.   Any inconsistencies are coming from the rank and file DIY deaf with their own versions.  ONLY use an official source.

Part of the issue is deaf not being aware where that advice is despite SignHealth, the BDA, the AOHL, the RAD etc all putting out this information in BSL.  Charities the campaigners actually claim to support but choose to ignore.  One popular UK blog supports no less than 32 of them, it is unfortunate they don't actually read or keep up with those they claim to support or they would see that BSL advice is already there. 

Another problem was a lot were uncaptioned, so BSL users could not follow what was going on effectively.  Near all who use BSL and follow own media rely on captions for detail, both free UKTV/Online BSL programs use it and offer advice too, are these BSL deaf unable to see them?  Or the 100s that are on youtube and elsewhere?

This is BSL activism trying to capitalise on the outbreak to push their BSL-only messages, irresponsible. Maybe if BSL activism stopped insisting the deaf were illiterate and cannot read and can only follow via sign they too would be more informed than they are. Another example of a distorted rights message being used to block real access in pursuit of culture at the expense of that access.

The nature of the 'Deaf' community is such that they don't tend to refer anywhere else for what they need to know, but even on dedicated BSL sites, numerous BSL information about the virus and events are there daily.  In essence and in part, deaf activism was demanding BSL interpreters risk their health to support them, even to remove safety equipment to lip-read.

There is a coronavirus reality, risk has to be assessed. Terps have families too, they are no use to anyone if they go down with the virus.  For those who complain about lack of face to face interpretation, there are actually online relay options, they have existed for years.. and NHS options, perhaps deaf activism could be more useful highlighting those options are available to deaf and not creating a mountain out of a molehill, we are all in the same boat, 10m HoH are, they aren't complaining.    Get a grip and provide something useful or shut up.

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