Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Why the Hard Of Hearing ceased to exist.

A few sad but realistic exchanges on a hard of hearing site.

I find it very hard and stressful to follow people, and the nod goes at everything, I just cannot follow anything much at all.

They say deaf make the best listeners!

lol yeah, Except when tired or long conversations, where it's just too much hard work.

I suppose the answer is we are using the wrong means to follow and not going for the simplest that would work for us. Lip-reading has to be THE most difficult format we can try to use. Of course, there are no decent lip-speakers even if we were good at it. 

I went text reliant for years and just didn't want the stress of struggling to lip-read people who had their back to me anyway. Hardly any of us have any qualification in lip-reading it's mostly guesswork, isn't it? Our pride is our downfall, well it used to be for me, now I just say I haven't a clue what you are saying and ask them to write things down or try something else. Once we admit our real inability to follow it gets a lot easier. HoH are their own worst enemy.

That's very true my friend, I'm often totally lost, or way behind in the conversation by the time I've figured out what is being said. It's exhausting and demanding, anything you are doing at the time has to be dropped, and full attention on the speaker. It's very frustrating sometimes, especially when trying to watch the TV or read a book.

I've spent half a lifetime suggesting it would be far better if we adopted a communication class set up for us all, I just do not think the lip-reading versus the sign language set up has done a thing to help any of us, I'm appalled they vie against each other. If you take an example of a deaf child, then they try anything and everything to find out what can work. 

Only adults have to choose one or the other, but few if any classes actually are designed to teach them. In a school, there is a common age group as an adult it can be anyone from16 to 90 and across a huge variety of abilities, disabilities,  and hearing loss degree. Quite simply neither modes are fit for purpose, as even the support for them to work isn't extant. We need to cease promotions of A or B approaches as we are neither. each, according to need.

Right, Sadly the whole area of deaf or HoH support is polarised I am pessimistic there will be any unified approach to our issues. The sign user e.g. has made it political, and sign, of course, is now a saleable commodity that provides work, so HoH have no chance to put their needs as they have nothing to 'sell' and nothing to identify themselves either. A few deaf have outdone 10m HoH as a result. I am always saddened the HoH just won't speak up for themselves.

'Text Life'?

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