Thursday, 30 July 2020

Deaf can do anything

But apparently struggle with captioning, subtitling, reading English text or it's grammar or providing access to others it seems.  Because of COVID deaf no longer sign either! they are all lip-readers if the clear mask campaigns are valid.  

The pandemic has caught the deaf out and raised questions on their rights and access requirements too, it became a free for all, and the fact they had no norm at all has been exposed as well.  Many deaf are challenging each other over clear masks now and condemning charities for misinforming the public. 

A lot of deaf campaigners are now on a 'hit list' of people that just have to go, some of the COVID campaigns have been ridiculously dis-informative and a few dangerously exposing deaf people.  Some charities will fold too, and some, not before time, deaf awareness has not worked.  They are up against a virus that cares nothing for deaf people, their rights or their access.

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