Monday, 6 January 2020

Holey Ear Batman!

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Blue Badges and the deaf.

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Can the (UK), deaf claim this concession?

"I just received information about the 'eligibility criteria' for a Blue Badge for people with hidden disabilities. The email ended with...'to be clear, people registered as deaf will not be eligible'. Interesting to see that if I felt I would 'become aggressive towards people and didn't understand why', I might have been eligible!"

ATR:  The criteria does not mention deafness specifically, but, deaf who claim certain benefits may still be eligible.  There is no case for a discrimination claim via being deaf alone.  Rules have recently been tightened up so only those with direct need get them but it is quite a strict qualification to meet and because fraudulent copies of the blue badge are rampant, enforcing the eligibility will be much easier and weed out such frauds.

Deaf won't qualify personally via deafness alone.   possibly due to the fact too many descriptives exist that cloud the issue e.g. who IS deaf? and DOES it mean you cannot walk or similar.  ATR is not supportive of their eligibility for assistance dogs, to be honest, far too many deaf with pets untrained to assist, are abusing the right and certainly are not able to provide proof they cannot go anywhere without an animal to assist them, as the blind can prove.

If the deafness also is linked to a known and recognised mobility,  (Or Mental Health issue e.g.), then yes they can qualify, but rank and file deaf NO. Primarily because anyone with a hearing loss from negligible to profound would get them whether or not their mobility was an issue. That means theoretically 12m would qualify in the UK.  Deaf would need to prove they are unable physically or mentally to go around on their own.  The 'Blue Badge' scheme is a specific allowance designed to support particularly the areas with reduced mobility.

Why would deaf want such a badge unless that was the case?