Saturday, 18 January 2020

Astronomy has a sign problem.

We think the sign is the problem, it's 'language' and 'dictionary' lacks sufficient signs to do in-depth subjects and detail. Ask ANY deaf sign user to explain.  You might just as well ask them to explain thermonuclear dynamics in depth.  Mostly deaf were conned about how effective their language is.  Rather than understand their education and sign was poor, they blame hearing for not signing explanations no signs exist for.

ATR has already reported deaf 'scientists' having no BSL signs to do their researches and work, and geneticists having next to no signs at all, surely the 'blame' lies with the lack of appropriate signs deaf can use and understand, and the failing (Perhaps questionability), of whether the language is anywhere near sufficient for deaf people?  

Even Paddy Ladd was unable to do a signed version of his outpouring on the 'Deaf way' and the USA had to create a load of 'courses' to decipher his works, and without a 'Rosetta Stone' to help.

Why subtitles matter.

Deaf man sues for lack of porn access.

BANGKOK, THAILAND-FEBRUARY 15: Pornhub Website on the Screen on February 15 ,2018. in Bangkok Thailand.; Shutterstock ID 1025448961; Purchase Order: -
A deaf man has sued Pornhub over allegations that it does not place closed-caption subtitles on its videos. The hearing-impaired man said he couldn’t understand the dialogue in the site’s porn films and said he would subscribe to its premium membership option – if only he knew what was going on the blue movies.   (Is he blind as well?).

In his court case, the deaf man named films such as ‘Hot Step Aunt Babysits Disobedient Nephew’, ‘Sexy Cop Gets Witness to Talk’ and ‘Daddy 4K -Allison comes to Talk About Money to Her Boys’ Naughty Father’, TMZ reported. He wants Pornhub to caption the action in these films to make sure no plot nuance is missed – and is also seeking damages. In a statement, Corey Price, Pornhub VP, said: ‘We understand that Yaroslav Suris is suing Pornhub for claiming we’ve denied the deaf and hearing-impaired access to our videos. 

‘While we do not generally comment on active lawsuits, we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we do have a closed captions category.’ The site's captioned collection includes over 1,000 top-viewed videos from the site’s straight, popular with women, gay, bi and transsexual categories.