Monday, 20 January 2020


According to the USA "There is no universal sign language. Different sign languages are used in different countries or regions."

A response to a recent social media plug for uni-sign with not many impressed with that.

"I don't think many UK deaf understand it at all, I was surprised people like the BDA etc actually attend the EUD as they always need another translator to follow, given we are leaving Europe what is the future of Uni-sign anyway?" 

"The UK hasn't a norm yet that's why, we are still waiting for it  the BDA has its sign and the coursework run by hearing have theirs we also see 'media signing'  not taking into account skill levels at grass root who demand what you see is 'real' sign regardless if own versions of it and such, its a mass confusion really now validated by rights. It's not really clarified via interpreters who are mostly using Signed ENGLISH not BSL."

"Which only reinforces the UK need for a proper norm and dictionary doesn't it? One that is complete enough to advance the deaf, so far academics in the deaf field have had to invent their own, the dictionary doesn't get updated and colloquialism rules rather than a set design for a norm.  While this adds to the standard English changes it doesn't assist the deaf with their incomplete references and arguments over grammar."

"True, some are suggesting this challenges the deaf perception and claims of having a 'language' after the deaf initially rubbished the first BSL dictionary as 'made up' and signs repeated to fill empty space.  Paddy Ladd wrote a whole book on it that needed and still does, translation because he used academic terms the deaf had no signs for.  USA deaf seized on it and distorted it for their own deaf 'market' in some curious attempt to make it look more clever than it was intended sadly, instead of admitting 'what is he talking about?' "

"I am reminded of that olde 'Deaf Mosiac' coverage in the USA when the deaf using BSL in the talk about sign languages in the world and with other European deaf involved needed the entire support of no less than SIX translators. Is sign universal perhaps not. I'm sure gestures can be but..."