Friday, 7 February 2020

Perfomance Interperting.

Sometimes social media actually tries to understand the deaf, but they don't like answering questions much, seems a typical example of UK BSL deaf utilising sign to defeat debate and to kill searching questioning.  If all else fails claim they are attacking deaf?  Will there ever be a neutral platform online that address this?  The video above WHO are the deaf watching?

"Hmm interesting - have you see any of those ‘Performance Interpreters’ that been signing songs at festivals? Are they good enough?"

"Most are ASL terps from what we see online. I am thinking if I go to see an artist at a show I never understood how it works at all in performance art like opera where the VOICE is the thing."

"Terps don't do opera! Can any terp convey that anyway?  Pop music is easy it is beat, and noise,  and lyrics (even singing),  are secondary. The exaggerated face pulling and ridiculous movements interpreters do make deaf look silly. Some terps should stick to interpreting that is their day job! "

"Nope - Performance Interpreters are full of qualified interpreters that interpret the songs at live music shows, concert and festivals so us BSL users can enjoy music watching them signing away. They are based in UK. "

"Who are the deaf there to see? The artist or the terp? I thought all the 'attention' would be on the signer (Interpreter)? It is how I would visually see it. I don't see a conflict with stage captions because we adapt to that easier there is no 'person' in the middle to distract let alone one overdosing on own ego..."

"You are saying Deaf can 'ignore' the terp? and are still able to focus on the artist just the same? That would mean there is no need for 'performing' terps, wouldn't it?"

"That harsh coming from you - obviously you are behind with everything as now things are changing becoming more equality. There are many Deaf people would love to see the artist and also the interpreter are there to sign along so you can watch both same time. Interpeter always stand in best place for us to watch and same time watch the artist. Performance Interpreters are worth it so us Deaf can have access to music and shows. Are you telling me that you haven’t try out yet? Cos it is all in your imagination and would you try out?"

"Somebody trying to tell us what to do, again."

"No offence meant. I was just wanting you to explain to me how it works. If deaf want to stand in a corner and watch an interpreter trying to convey an artist in flow on a stage alongside, by all means, but I think taking it a 'stage' further and terps trying to be the BSL version of the artist or doing their own 'thing' doesn't work, the dynamics have changed maybe even the format of the lyrics changed to suit BSL. It is the terps view or even their own, of what the artists is doing. I don't think it gels when those terps go ON the stage and try to 'compete' because own ego comes into play. Access becomes relative."

"Have a look at this video and would like your perspective on this ok? you can sit anywhere to get a better view of the artist and interpreter - your choice." 

"Well I gave a view but she said it was in English and she did not want to or could not read English, she was a BSL user. That was a lie basically because her first response was in text English when asked to explain said unless I signed it, it was going to be ignored, what point putting a view to those deaf people? She copped out of justifying her point because she signed. I would suggest these deaf don't attend Shakespeare or something where the word is the thing!"

"There is nothing wrong with getting an 'impression' of what is going on, and having fun, good luck to them, but it is a wide stretch to suggest they are getting much but the edited highlights and even less of the actual music. If they need interpreters to act the fool too, why not?  Pop music is not to be taken seriously."

Deaf in a Hearing world.

Not so much being ignored but walking away from inclusion. OK you can't hear get stuck in, don't walk away!  Her issue isn't being deaf it is a lack of confidence. Inclusion demands participation and a will to engage, the actor here just walked away suggesting she wanted no part of it.  

Inclusion is a 50/50 deal if you are waiting for a rights campaign and an interpreter it is going to be a very long wait.  Even if you get one you have changed the entire dynamics of inclusion and it is no longer a person to person thing.

Deaf need hearing lessons! (I suppose the point is about hearing excluding deaf, it hasn't been a point made).  The vlog is rather amateur to be honest.