Thursday, 13 February 2020

More deaf charity mergers.

It would seem Australia is yet another country that is being forced to merge its charities with others to survive, as deaf and Hard of Hearing alike, stop being members and supporters of charitable institutions and are instead pursuing a rights-led approach to support and access, with little success.

Already this has forced the UK's BDA and AOHL to downgrade levels of care they operated too, The AOHL selling off deaf care homes, and the BDA and other sign-based charities struggling to survive and in the red financially mainly because they abandoned need for culture. Charities are creaking at the seams as a result.  Northern England saw many deaf who were being cared for and supported left high and dry, with none, as charity collapsed no longer viable.  Deaf schools continue to close down.

It is clear only the fittest charities are going to survive, and even mergers do not mean a more solid foundation but, more cuts to consolidate and survive, obviously aspirations are going to suffer as a result.  Unfortunately, rights-based campaigns are not inclusive which is fragmenting the support systems as each area goes for own needs ignoring the other.  By definition have divided themselves making tthem more vulnerable to discrimination and lesser support.  Only uniting for the common good is going to save UK charity that means the BSL and HoH areas have to work together or face the entire hearing loss support areas to fold like a pack of cards.