Friday, 14 February 2020

Inspirational Porn

'Inspirational porn' is not really understood in that disabled/deaf/mental health individuals can vary considerably via personal responses themselves. In part, IP exists to counter trauma and misconceptions about how issues affect people.  There is further confusion that relates to certain areas of deafness and disability that despise online expressions of succeeding despite the odds etc and others that for deaf-politico reasons hate youtube vlogs that extol how people respond positively to implants or such, which they feel reflects badly on people who do not see an issue being deaf at all.  

To be 'devil's advocate' the 'Deaf' area continually puts out content about us against them, and succeeding despite the odds, online is full of such content, which in turn may well upset deaf who are not coping with deafness or those with severe loss who might see 'positive' deaf imaging as refusing to accept there is any negative side and feel under pressure to confirm when they are struggling.  

If Inspirational Porn is being criticised then perhaps some criticism should be levelled at areas who are criticising those who are not coping well at all with deafness and loss, a number of whom, are being called whiners and moaners by the more aggressive activists who feel their 'negativity' undermines their 'positive' messages, indeed can be actively discouraged to talk about it on certain sites where deaf are.   We are all for positivity but the downside still exists.

It mainly manifests itself via 'social versus medical modelling' where the suggestion is no problem exists with US, it's someone else's fault for trying to cure the issue.  If an individual is totally traumatised via having deafness or hearing loss and has clinical issues, then they are entitled to say so, as is their support for people who have managed it or had alleviations that work it holds out hope, should we criticise that?  Equally, those who never heard can be forgiven for not understanding what the fuss is all about, at least in the past, today perhaps they don't have that excuse.  It is about accepting reality, and not pushing an image that suggests that this reality does not exist or we would rather not know about it.

The issue seems quite different, e.g. Disabled do not 'downgrade' the physical or mental fact of the issue they have, but the deaf do.

Avatar-based support.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Top marks to this vlog for offering up the accurate descriptions of people with hearing loss. Aka deaf are people that cannot hear, and Hard of hearing are people with various levels of hearing loss, and none of your cultural/sign excuses or diversion.