Friday, 21 February 2020


No photo description available.Complaints by deaf and HoH they have no access to the taxi services.

(1) My area some taxis are text accessible and take emails already. Signed access is unnecessary and impossible really, only makes access more difficult there are no signed services to facilitate it.  

(2) Access for access sake, TEXT it!

ATR:  A lot of poor access is/was because of HEARING people (idiots basically), who abused this access to create false requests, they also made 999 text access a problem for us. Years ago minicom access was withdrawn from the police for that same reason, it offered hackers a way into the police system and minicom calls could be made from mobile phones and computers as could fax. 

Deaf people can get a 'code' given to them so that the Taxi service knows it is a genuine call and with 999 you can register, but it seems deaf haven't understood this and are demanding direct access without registering or understanding why. They are simply assuming it is discrimination and creating more problems for themselves.