Thursday, 27 February 2020

Communication tips for the lip-reading deaf.

I wonder how many signing deaf attend health areas without a BSL communicator? or, if they lip-read, ask for a lip-speaker? It's not entirely clear these tips are effective.  ATR never attends any area without ensuring communication is going to work, do not all deaf plan well ahead?  We usually contact the area first and if no assistance is there then ensure a text response will or similar.  Also, most deaf people make it clear on attendance what they need so they won't miss out.  

Ironically, all the suggestions were sign based and the areas they attended provided none??  This helps the NHS to save money by NOT providing professional support but unsure it helps the deaf much.   There was lots of one on one contact seen but the reality is that it won't be the case usually, with comings and goings, so if you take your eye off the ball you can still lose out.  My surgery GP and nurse come to me and ensure I am aware within the crowd.

It took the riot act being read first via a legal threat!  But it was OK after.