Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Global Sign

We are unsure where they get these facts from? Text has been the online leveller and in English mostly, not sign, because sign is localised to individual countries so does not 'travel' well. Uni sign is hardly understood by deaf people anywhere, it never caught on. The glaring fact they needed an interpreter to interpret the interpreter(!) seems ample proof this is propaganda and fake news to most of us.  BSL e.g. is an incomplete British signed language still seeking sufficient signs to make it an academic realism, the same appears for ASL albeit they are further along the line than the UK is and have a more realistic norm approach to it and don't allow regionalism to screw things up so much.  

The grammar of both, tends to let the deaf down being as it challenges the host countries norm, and recently ASL purists were demanding (a lot more honestly),  how 'foreign' it actually is, by demanding that status for ASL.  Perhaps there is more funding mileage in calling it foreign?  Why would you want to educate deaf in a language format nobody but them uses?  Its not as if deaf don't have options.

Having this admitted it is an issue in crossing language divides they continue that way?  Maybe they will one day explain how on earth any of it contributes to inclusion or access as currently, the promotion of BSL is via language rights not essential access requirements, and who supports deaf who don't sign?

Surely they aren't claiming 'spesial' is a bona fide spelling for deaf too?  Ooops....

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