Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Language deprivation.

You can appreciate speech acquisition is difficult but the sign is a red line, isn't it? It's an all-encompassing modus that mostly goes against the host country norms via grammar and usage. This creates a parallel deaf world attempting to carry on doing own thing at disadvantage, whilst their own set up has no system to accommodate that, it also limits choices FOR deaf people and works on the basis others must adjust and comply with them because they cannot adapt themselves, (which is not true to a large extent).   The deaf countering with claims of discrimination hide the realities.

Sign is still an incomplete language and not a widely accepted language for the deaf, who have own ideas individually or by area what that language or sign is or should be, a lot is not learning-dependent but ability dependent.  With not enough signs or support to make it as viable either as a language, except within own areas happy to settle for less.  By accepting the limitations of sign they are accepting less access via its use.  nobody has yet translated Paddy Ladd's tome because it uses words and terms that there are simply no signs for, and recent deaf scientist having to 'make up' his own signs, no way to run a language is it?

You can liken it via a monoglot/native speaker from another country entering yours, but they will know unless they adapt they are going to be hugely disadvantaged in work, health and education e.g.  Only the deaf assume they learn to sign and the problem is hearing aren't so it's the hearing fault.  

The USA and western world approaches of respecting the usage of other languages against a desire for a common norm has meant deaf feel supported in setting up own enclaves where deaf do their own thing, there are many areas in the USA where only Hispanic is spoken, Jewish, or even Cantonese, in the recent history of this approach, none via the deaf have succeeded, and there are signs to suggest deaf young people don't want the restrictions a deaf community imposes on them by default.  Martha's Yard was one example.

Only these young people can break the impasse... and possibly less adopt complacency in letting everyone do as they want.  The USA (And UK), Achille's Heel is their tolerance, it hasn't managed to empower all has made multiculturalism a joke and encouraged segregation and sectarianism by right.  

The only good news is for endless jobs for deaf translators but... these vlogs are technical hoo-ha designed to prove.. what?


It is all based on a very simple truism, hearing people are scared of silence. Their first response is fear or terror at prolonged silence, yet, they assume it doesn't bother us.