Wednesday, 18 March 2020

ATR: Local update.

Current acute shortages yesterday were:

Paracetamol.  Online sold out too.
Toilet rolls.
All kinds of pasta.
Tinned foods.
Frozen Vegetables.
Washing up liquid.
Portal (!) Facebook TV equipment.
Dog and Cat foods.

Home deliveries:  Still failing to ensure vulnerable get essentials as panic-buyers have cleared stocks and queuing up before shops open so older people who arrive later have nothing to buy.

More warnings scammers are posing as government agents or 'community support' and offering to provide food and services for those unable to go out, and asking them for credit cards and numbers, then emptying accounts etc.  

Latest is scammers knocking on people's doors stating they are government testers for the virus, there are NO 'Testers' going around housing doing this.

ATR and an old lady at a Tesco outlet were elbowed out of the way by two women already heavily laden with toilet rolls, when a few remaining toilet rolls were seen, this left the older lady with none, we gave her ours.  Staff said there was deliberate 'bulk buying' and these two women were ushered out of the shop as they were said to be selling to vulnerable at twice the price the shop was.  They claimed they were buying for elderly relatives...

It seems the 'stiff upper lip' assumption of the Brits no longer applies and old, vulnerable or not it is everyone for themselves.  We can only hope the state moves to put a stop to the panic buying, while some retail outlets open specifically for older people and vulnerable stocks are so depleted they still may not get what they need.

Deaf clubs are closed also and deaf advised NOT to commute to other clubs that may still be open.  Inevitably they will close anyway.  We can still keep in touch online so far but some phone provision is having difficulties with the surge of home workers using online more.  ISP's are switching to AI to monitor online, mistakes will inevitably occur.

Rogue sites are advertising face masks and gel, they have no intention of providing, please check these are bona fide sites before you order, take care with financial details too as the scammers could take advantage of that too.  Before this is over we will probably see the full extent of selfishness that exists.