Friday, 27 March 2020


15 Uplifting Quotes for Positive Vibes | SUCCESS
ATR is not blogging for the duration and until the coronavirus issue abates somewhat.  We don't believe relentless coverage of the issue does much except add to other people's anxiety and stress.  I would ask readers to rather post issues that are positive and encouraging instead.

We need humour, we need kindness and we need to ditch the selfish. I really do not want to read about idiots stripping shops of essential goods the vulnerable need, how many new cases there are, or how many morgues are choc-a-bloc with bodies, it isn't rocket science to see such coverage is completely UNHELPFUL and NEGATIVE.

Of course we need to be informed, but use official agencies once a day, and leave the speculation and ridiculous advice to the losers on social media or panic-stricken media who by far have fuelled that panic.  Stay Safe, and, stay POSITIVE.

Do a blog or video or make a text, that offers hope, offers humour, offers support, unless you live on the moon nobody is unaware of the issue.  That's not ignoring it, it is finding ways to adapt to the situation and help those who are struggling who may well be yourselves.