Friday, 3 April 2020

Signed English

Culture Night

Deaf Culture Night @Dr Steevens HSE from Paul Macdonald on Vimeo.

And flouting just about every bit of advice the government gave out, Nice one! (No captioning either and they wonder why deaf are even more isolated).

You use wrong signs

Unbelievable at this time there are still deaf purists willing to attack others who don't sign as they do, a glaring indictment perhaps on the fact there are deaf who do not understand deaf awareness themselves and obviously never did or are willing to accept other deaf people.  These people are the cancer in the culture.

Deaf? it is time to step up...

if you're good at something, never do it for free. the joker ...ATR was asked to do a blog because of ridiculous responses on social media ill-advising the deaf and endless complaints about signed access or the lack of it.  This blog was about terps being criticised for not offering free help.  

#1 During this time interpreter should offer free services!

#2 Agreed but they don’t they want money greedy sadly.

#3 Well NO,  BSL isn't a hobby, terps have to undergo quite strict training and pass exams it is a JOB it isn't a vocation even, and jobs demand a wage.  Terps invest £1,000s to qualify,  they aren't a charity and BSL is a mess to master anyway.

#4  To my mind wasted time as most deaf don't sign anyway.  

#5  Perhaps deaf could help themselves during this isolation by learning to lip-read and master English better then they would miss out a lot less?  If the handicap themselves who else is to blame?

#6  It suggests overall BSL  reliance (and its relentless promotion), has backfired on the deaf when issues like we see now emerge, so the old standby of biting the hand that feeds and the blame culture emerges again.

#7  To be fair, and after all, terps have families too they won't want to risk either, and wages pay the rent and food, deaf do not seem to understand their own 'support' isn't a freebie every system that provides it has to pay for it.  The irony being 'Deaf' charities provide these people too and charge fees.

#8  The reality is that after deaf school or special school these deaf stop learning or improving on their communications (A lot of which despite their pre-adult education is rather poor), and settle for the 'Deaf way', anti-English stances, and deaf friends and social areas, making them life-reliant on others in the same boat, who also lack the drive to improve on their lot, (Or feel everyone should be the same as they are, thus equalling 'down' not practicable is it?)

Time now for the deaf to do for themselves?  The virus issue has provided the conditions and offers the means for deaf to take that time to improve, please use it.  Quit deaf politics and do something that will really be of use.