Tuesday, 7 April 2020

US census 2020

What I am NOT seeing is how the questions are being put in regards to registering deaf people, or, Hard of Hearing people?  

Our experience in the UK was after a campaign was launched to include definitive coverage of those with deafness, it was poorly entered into the census and in part 'loaded' to suggest most deaf were sign using, however, it backfired on the deaf area who promoted the question and responses practically killed off deaf statistics in the UK  from their alleged 50,000 plus to a mere 15,000  because the question wasn't done properly and allowed hearing interpreters and learners to add to the stats which tended to suggest a lot of deaf failed to take actual part, or, the charities were lying about numbers from day one, so, what  ARE the questions the USA census are asking to define 'deaf' people?