Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Burying the lies about BSL access.

ATR is a long-standing 'anti-charity' based blog, primarily because access and inclusion is a right not a handout, but a legal right enshrined in law.  To be scrupulously fair ATR has to challenge a number of BSL deaf areas and claims that are undermining these rights. 

A number of quite serious situations now exist via the coronavirus,  but lack of access is NOT one of them.

ATR saw 23 BSL users and blogs/social media sites online in the last 3 hours, insisting, that BSL deaf were not only being denied access, and banned from using BSL interpreters, but the government and systems were refusing them advice in sign language, all lies as ATR will show.  Not a shred of evidence has come from any of it ATR challenged.

Today ATR will include for the first time ever on its site, links to just a small collection of current charitable areas, system funded, and official sites providing daily updates to the deaf in sign language, now, will these naysayers and fake news deaf please shut the FCK up? 

If you see online deaf stating no access please reprint the link to this blog.  Facts speak louder than BS. [Of course, EVERYTHING has subtitles on TV too].  All the links below apply to the UK only.

ATR could have added 27 or more but this small random sample should surely be enough to silence the BSL liars online, 

(ATR is also reporting some BSL users and 2 national independent TV stations, for publishing what is obviously  FAKE news being supplied to them by unnamed 'BSL deaf people', we want those names. and also for deliberately alarming the BSL user.)