Saturday, 2 May 2020

In praise of OUCH Too.

sing hallelujah to the Lord (lyrics) | GLORY TO GOD websiteAn ATR response to awareness to OUCH too website perhaps the last bastion of free speech left in the UK for the disabled and even ATR here is one response that got too long to include as a comment there and was about awareness and the role of culture in deaf lives. It became a paper on the UK deaf nearly...

"Raising own awareness?  I do it too, but the reality is it won't help to raise yours, or even raise awareness of another deaf person who will be doing own thing too.  Culture is a non-starter in awareness terms it does nothing to identify deaf people or what their issues can be.  It's simply a few oddballs (Quite successful I agree), who realised adding culture to their disability opened a lot more doors than a simple plea for access or help does, governments run scared of offending cultures regardless who they are.  

All you need is a different way of communication the world is your halibut.  We told the hard of Hearing to do the same then their issues are solved too, sadly they suffer denial in millions and still think they are hearing and CAN fool most of the people most of the time.  Deaf minorities went the other way and made a party of it, and it paid off.  

They commenced to oppose alleviations, 'cures', inclusion (Which they labelled a cultural genocide), and all sorts to reinforce the minority culture image Les deaf miserable's.  There was some open warfare between non-signers and them and it still goes on, it forced the culture vultures online to operate closed sites en masse, to prevent challenges, this way they can always preach to the already converted and maintain their weird idea of who deaf people are and what they need, gave them a capital letter to suggest importance etc.

NO I don't respect their 'cultural' right, they need the same access and support as I do and most others.  All we care about is understanding others and being understood and the necessary tools and such to make that happen are provided.  we don't want to restrict WHO we communicate with but neither do we want to drag a third party along all the time either.

Not an ounce of culture has paid any of my bills, enabled me work or anything else we all need about our daily lives, and there are only so many deaf charities you can get a job in, and even grassroots gave up supporting those.   Most cultural leaders today are new 'converts' to the culture thing, indeed born-again 'Deaf' who erstwhile were plain old 'deaf' and so insignificant compared with those who claimed to have a culture.  

I read a blog yesterday asking the question are 'deaf' human? Presumably suggesting the cultural 'Deaf' are some sort of elite, but no idea why they viewed us as inferior.  Hitler did the same thing. The D/d thing is a cultural icon too, to me it is D for Discrimination.  It's viewed a cult in some areas, not so much Waco as whacko.  These people are for separatism, for taking advantage of deaf who are vulnerable and believe their lie, that only by staying well away from everyone else and sticking together can they manage their lives.   

Ironically most fly in the face of cultural 'qualification' themselves which mostly means they are not signing all the time or went to deaf schools and clubs all the time or, who socialise only with each other etc.  In the land of the blind e.g. the one-eyed man is King.  Like everyone else 9 out of 10 of us have zilch ancestry or any links to deaf of the past.  Our parents are hearing, so are our siblings. Milan? they have a couple of decent football teams.

The reality is the leading proponents of culture are oral taught deaf with better English and literacy than you or I, while looking on as BSL is a very real barrier to the rest getting anywhere and advising deaf to stay isolated in reality.  They have the exit door, the rest don't.  They make money too selling the dream, enterprising but in real terms their access, support and inclusion have not moved much at all.  Full inclusion would remove 'power' from those making a living out of it, this can be hearing areas, as well as deaf running own 'awareness' business's that do nothing at all FOR awareness its a bit of finger-spelling with a ramble about Milan in 1880 to add a cultural slant to it.

BSL interpreters are now routed by their own clients as they endorse unqualified deaf, open cultural centres that sell BSL their way, and hearing amateurs doing their job for half the price and a quarter of the qualifications.

A lot has blown up in the cultural face since the virus emerged and has exposed the whole concept as doing nothing at all for their inclusion or access it exposed that fact the deaf still didn't have it despite culture.  In England, Deaf charities have folded because they put culture before financial competence, nice 'jobs for the Deaf boys and gals..'  but the failure left 100s of dependent deaf with no cover and 70 staff out of work.  Lions lead by donkeys, the Dianne Abbott approach to accounting.

The BDA e.g. saw a mass exodus of ALL their trustees and charged with bullying members by threatening legal actions against them unless they stopped asking questions why.  The AOHL sold off deaf care homes and their assistive device business, however, the online cultural crusade goes on all their eggs now in just one basket.  AOHL knows there is still a few quid in BSL so aiming at them after years of having little or nothing to do with that area, deaf left the AOHL years ago after they got rid of a BSL CEO who was too far gone to promote inclusion and had ignored AOHL's primary membership, the Hard of Hearing, they gagged him for 5 years too.  

He went to be the deaf rep at a government disability advice area, was dumped from there because he had nothing to input on inclusion, that would have had to include experience, and outside a deaf club he had none. He joined the BDA then allowed gagging members there who raised questions he did not want to answer.  AOHL  now see areas like the BDA struggling and an avenue is there to move in. Closed social media sites still ensure the message is clear, they blame everyone ELSE for their lack of inclusion.  Everyone you and me (!) are down on sign language and on culture and on deaf people, although they never really define who these deaf are or identify them.

Everyone there wants to be a martyr now for a cause increasingly looking invalid.  They can only resist inclusion for so long before they get rumbled.  Culture won't always be the excuse they can use.  That awareness is directed not only at mainstream but against others with hearing loss too, they cannot afford to let other deaf or HoH be seen as refuting their claims, hence 'all deaf are sign using'.

This is being openly challenged for the lie it is and how it as a message, has undermined real support for many others with hearing loss, as the system swallowed their lies. But it takes two to include, indeed only two to sign and to be declared a culture, but one, insists they have a right to not be included and do what they want because 'that is what deaf people want', (note the subtle change of emphasis from D to d, total abuse of the inclusive remits, adjusted as per necessary to re-enforce their demands, outrageous false statistics,  or funding claims), so preference is a priority over the need? or maybe not!  It suggests the last 3 or 4 human rights law are a farce as this allowed legal opt-outs culture is used quite adeptly.  Roll on a reappraisal of the rights laws they are NOT working.

The open abuse of inclusive remits are the norm (Hence Deaf and Hearing Impaired etc), when HI and HoH are areas they have little to do with and don't include with HI being openly attacked in some deaf areas as discrimination.  Anything that suggests diversity is criticised. They are 'Deaf' except perhaps when disability welfare allowances and funding are seen, then they become non-cultural and a deprived disability area.  I agree they are very seriously disabled people so why the confusion? Deafness not a natural event? The hearing did this to us? and now, they want to cure us, or alleviate it?  No way Jose'!    Crazy people.

The issue with lies is you have to keep to the script.

You could admire their tenacity if it wasn't for the fact deaf have gained nothing from it except alienating the majority who are deaf.  Basically it is a USA concept, and they have a huge resource and membership to plug it, the UK doesn't.  When it comes to selling an idea the UK is outclassed let's face it, we couldn't get anyone interested in Paddy Ladd or deafhood, the yanks created a whole course about him (With a few quite cheeky additions to add kudos and sales to it), a masterclass in re-selling the Emporer's New clothes as a deaf crusade on identity.  I gather they still haven't any signed translation of it as Mr Ladd had it all printed in a book, for academics who are bored, unaware, and need something else to read, but of course, forgot BSL/ASL people DON'T read English ( A minor quibble the yanks said), so Paddy blew it.

The UK cracks appeared pretty quick when the tried to emulate the yanks.  One area was deaf blogging, an aggregate was set up so deaf could see the most prominent deaf output in one place, at that time the yanks had no equivalent, it collapsed in 4 months because challenges to culture were seen, explanations were asked for, they weren't attacks on culture or BSL but questions about truth, effectiveness, and access issues, that put them under pressure to respond and the only way they could do that was by shutting down the aggregate so it couldn't be seen, that is still the case. 

Opponents were undeterred by undemocratic closures of feedback and went to the BBC, the BBC came under heavy fire OUCH TOO knows this, its why they exist, and then the BBC removed deaf feedback on SEE HEAR, an old deaf TV medium rooted in the 1970s and blatantly ignored all but BSL people despite the BBC remit and licence to include.  The BBC removed feedback from OUCH the BBC disability site and installed a lot of yes-people instead.  Nobody takes any notice of them.

They also tried to sell us  an online BBC social site option we were not buying that either.   It is moderated to buggery so you cannot question.  I find the internet NOT a level playing field at all and has just enabled the extremist.  Ouch too was set up as a result.  We still went at the charity forums to take the injustice on they closed down forums there too,  this is still the case.  When you consider online deaf media is closed out, and all feedback areas are too by these people you tend to think the whole thing a very poor joke and discrimination.  

Yet what we see are the systems throwing OBE's and whatever at them for resisting inclusion, you could not script that.  Have a nice day...  What I want to know, is where is MY O.B.E? For services opposing bullshit."