Thursday, 7 May 2020

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The Killer in our Midst.

Covid-19 | New ScientistFace masks, lip-reading and the silent killer.  Should HoH adopt sign instead? (Advice during this 'Deaf Week'). A few responses not at all that confident BSL is an answer OR even lip-reading is.  

The general gist of responses suggests it is NOT about wearing a clear mask but taking responsibility to not risk others and adapt to survive.  Clearly what we have been doing up to now did not stop the virus at all.

No, I don't think sign language would be much help you would still need a 'middle-man/woman' for it to be effective, you cannot be assured medical staff can sign, most don't, and prolonged use of sign demands a higher skill in it, so a basic ABC is not going to get you far.  

I agree, I am reluctant to promote a mode the majority of HoH prefer not to use, and the Deaf week is not about us or OUR needs anyway, it is a 'celebration' of sign language and their culture and week to promote awareness of that.  I suppose we should complain about non-inclusion but I am past caring what they do.

Yes, concentrating on alternatives to PROTECT other people and not require them to remove PPE is the priority, 'Save Lives' is what we are asked to do, not risk them.

I don't want to be blamed for asking others to take risks for me. There are text options, and there are medical flashcards that staff can use to explain any process in health treatment we need to know, we need to be inventive and adapt,  the NHS has had to do it, so must we.

BSL is insufficient a language to cover medical explanations so you would need to fill in lots of gaps yourself, the Deaf BSL user has a lifetime doing that, and settles for a lot less than we would and is reliant, (but confident in their support), to ensure they are kept safe and informed.   

HoH don't obviously, they have issues of reliance, support, and independence, a lot are still in denial about their degree of loss, or what can alleviate it.  

I doubt there would be much demand to take up reliance on sign language, from what we read they only have a few 100 translators for 98,000 of them, where would HoH back up support come from? We may not want a basic BSL terp but people trained with HoH not deaf.  Would the BSL user accept a re-training program that changes how their terp operates?

We don't have any HoH support nationally organised.  We are also unskilled in using support designed for other people. It's a non-starter just a BSL promotion. 

HoH should be using this opportunity to set up systems they currently lack, (Which is about 85% support basically that we don't have), and addressing a UK-wide system that is designed for our use and our needs.  Now that we cannot always rely on family and others to make those calls it is time we had a system where we can do this for ourselves.  We've sat on our hands for the last 40 years.

I am uncertain demands for others to expose themselves to the virus is what I want to do at all, nor criticising others for not taking that risk for me.  It is not a simple matter of having difficulty reading lips, that isn't even awareness.

A clear face mask may partially help but it is dependent on how good your lip-skill is and how accurate the speaker is, how much use you can make with the hearing aid etc, and as we know from bitter experience, most people are very poor and unclear speakers generally.  

Medically, a clear panel is an insufficient protection for ICU staff too.   On those grounds alone a non-starter. It is hard, but there are considerations and adaptions we have to take into account, there is a killer stalking us out there, and we cannot see or 'hear' it. Lip-reading through a mask is the least of our problems.