Friday, 8 May 2020

Edited Highlights (The Deaf life).

Poll: Which Business Trends Should Fortune's 'Crystal Ball ..."There is no BSL access for the English coronavirus updates, its discrimination.".

"Westminister has not. Even if they did as I said and many others have said BSL translation doesn't get the most important things you need across due to signing limitations, and the incompleteness of BSL itself."

"I won't be taking it up a deaf week or not.  As for other areas unless the frontline workers have learnt BSL they aren't going to be able to stop and explain things."

"There is BSL TV access, it is just on at a different time and channel, that ATR blogger gave about 20 links most of them daily and live what is the BSL fuss about?  Welsh, Scottish and Irish BSL updates are at different times, albeit the London one is not BSL 'in vision' live there is plenty of access there."

"I suspect the BSL terp would struggle with 3 people taking questions from 3 or 4 others, that ask for in-depth detail and the other regions of the UK only have to sign for one person to cover, not 3.  Some of whom are scientists or health professionals using technical jargon, most BSL interpreters do not have specialised skills in other areas like health, further/University education, and science etc it's parroting what is said, the interpreters also do not have time to break down questions and answers via detail via sheer lack of time."

"That would expose BSL as having less reliability and accuracy than is claimed wouldn't it?  I suppose the terp won't risk it. If deaf can't read titles they aren't going to get much from BSL either are they?"

"I'm constantly amazed the deaf get anything from live translations on TV I watched BSL updates this week on 4 areas of the UK and not one of them gave anywhere near 50% of what was actually being said, the subtitles exposed that.  These deaf are then going back to their own area asking what it was all about."

"It's how it works, word of 'hand' I gather, the less aware or able will ask the more able and aware and make sense of things that way, it's a system of Chinese whispering it was described to me although the end result of that is a mystery.."

"As others have said even IF you learn BSL the chances of medical staff or others being able to respond that way is virtually nil, if they did the deaf would not need Interpreters. Stick with what we know will work for us, not what 'works' for others."

"The 'language' appears incomplete and there is a bit of 'emperor's new clothes' about its effectiveness. As a 'social tool' with fellow users obviously, that does work for them, but when it comes to learning things, working, evidence of it being a 'stand-alone' language, and 'translating' from another area effectively, huge holes appear.  Then they blame the hearing again, not the translators they rely on,  the reality BSL doesn't cut it, or even the lack of their own awareness.  I'm sure many hearing don't take it all in."

"The deaf just see black and white, and can not see these holes, and I take a pinch of salt with claims they can fill in 'all the gaps and details' their support has left out. It's a life of edited highlights backed up with unsubstantiated claims the 'rest' (Details), are not as important, or, they can fill those in themselves, I would say PROVE it."

"We need to understand the Deaf have no hearing reference point, and the BSL grammar the poor man's English seen in a visual format, the claims signs are 'concepts' they can easily read into I doubt a lot, The only way that would work is if they can read minds as well. We could suggest that in part because we are able to anticipate flows of speech when we cannot hear it, because of pre-memory recall, but it is not something they can do."

They will continue to support BSL till they drop off their perch but it is not an encouragement to younger people who want out of the deaf straightjacket and not settle for a lifetime of guesswork it is bad enough we have to.  They won't stop until everyone learns what they use, which suggest a whole generation are never going to be in it.  Smart money is on medical and scientific progress rendering deafness and hearing loss a minor issue or 'cured'.