Saturday, 9 May 2020

East Lancashire Deaf Society.

Companies House faces biggest overhaul in 170 years - Evans ...Companies House has reported 13 out of 17 officers running the ELDS organisation have resigned en masse.  Not so long ago ATR had reported mass resignations at the British Deaf Association trustees, leaving just 2, and it all seems to suggest irregularities and bad financial management is at the core.  

We believe the real problem is BSL using deaf hiring their own and them without sufficient qualifications to run care or support business for others effectively and given their core message is culture and sign promotion not care.  ELDS lost deaf staff in double figures and left over a 100 deaf with unsecured back up as a result. 

ATR also covered the AOHL the UK's largest hearing loss charity, selling off its assistive devices arm and deaf care homes because of cash flow problems.  What seems a real puzzle is the ELDS is now a 'one-man band' with a Mr D Alker as the sole person responsible for it all overseeing 4 uncertain other staff. 1 man and 4 others?    What is also unusual is there seems to have been no investigation into the running of the ELDS to ascertain what went wrong? Company house has the clout to do that, why aren't they?

Another issue was the mass trustee resignations at the BDA were not investigated by the Charity Commission either to determine the reason why so many people left in such large numbers or how a charity like the BDA, was allowed to legally gag responses from its own members asking why? 

Despite them moving quickly to admit replacements strictly on the basis they cannot challenge the BDA hierarchy or they are out.  It would seem the majority who left did so because that Hierarchy was anti-integrational, old fashioned,  allegations of bullying were mooted, and them unwilling to move deaf people forward.

There seem alarming similarities between what happened at the ELDS and the BDA, they can't count! else the alternative is unsettling, we are talking many £1,000s  being wasted or lost and few if any benefits coming from its use.  A major crisis of mismanagements where deaf are losing support and jobs as a result of rampant amateurism, favouritism, bias, alleged bullying, and the closed shop approaches this deaf sector operates by.

Frustratingly such areas are still being handed millions UK-wide in funding and nobody asking what they are doing with it.  ATR asked Sainsbury's stores had they asked what the deaf were going to do with the money the store was giving them?  They said no, we never ask that we just allocate money raised by choosing a charity, but we don't ask what they do with it!  ATR said 'great! put me down for next time...'.

Is the writing on the wall for major charities and self-employed deaf business' posing as charities?  Charities concerned with deafness and hearing loss you have to be amazed they exist at all, they are apparently surviving by relying on their cultural claims and BSL dependency which they re-branded a right.  

The charity commission has constantly been attacked for not ensuring charities concerned with the deaf have available trained staff to manage what their aim is supposed to be.  If it is just a few well-meaning trying to help a few others that is acceptable, but surely NOT when many £1,000s in funds are at stake and care and support is the aim for quite seriously disabled and vulnerable people? (who would otherwise in the mainstream only get fully trained professionals doing that?)

The charity systems have moved into vulnerable care/support/medical areas and most, with few qualifications to do that and it seems, a total inability to manage their own finances.  Care versus culture is a real issue.  ELDS is just one area but they are just a tip of a very large iceberg that lies beneath them.  It is estimated 46% of all funding has been a complete waste, with no end result, a failure, so talking many £M's...

The CC appears to not ask how they can function effectively or at all before awarding them the status of being a charity.  Just send them a letter saying you are going to save everyone, and they will rubber stamp you as a charity, it's a bloody farce.  Once a charity you can then appeal to funding areas for money no problem.  If you cannot be arsed to raise funding yourself ask any one of half a dozen areas online who will do it for you for a cut, cushty!