Friday, 15 May 2020

Deaf (Acquired), awareness week.

More like learn sign language week but... to be fair easier to follow than full-blown BSL.

Gay Community: The rainbow is ours.

Not anymore it isn't...... A storm in a teapot on a deaf site where a deaf gay complained the use of the 'Rainbow' logo was taking focus away from the gay community and its issues, and rebranding the logo as now belonging the UK's National Health Service, where the UK population has extensively used it to focus support for the UK's beleaguered health services combatting the virus.

I'm no legal eagle, but the gay community cannot hold the patent for a rainbow,  I'm sure it was there long before Gays or Gay rights emerged.  Now is their chance to invent a new logo. Above is a sample of how the UK population has 'overridden' the Gay rights 'logo' and message.  For the record they cannot prevent anyone using or depicting the rainbow, kids have done it since day one.  

This gay is on a certain loser, as he was panned and criticised for trying to undermine community support for the NHS. Sorry lads you have lost this one, to push it is inviting comment you really do not want see. NHS first and last sorry...  You can't be anything if you're dead we need the NHS more.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Cabin Fever.

IAN COLE: I didn't know what cabin fever was until Chaplin entered ...I am wondering if anyone criticising sign language or lip-reading,  can be considered to be committing a hate crime?  

Kind of bites into free speech plus if you are deaf yourself surely? it has to be valid comment even if you don't agree with them

I don't think cabin fever has much to do with it, it is just due to lockdown, HoH are only now taking any real interest in the issues hearing loss present along with the various assistive device and communication approaches.  They are isolated more now.  

We were isolated before and there wasn't the opportunity to stop and really think about it, because we are too busy otherwise coping.  

There was a welsh poet who once said "What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?'  Taking stock is necessary if we are to move on properly.

ATR has been heavily involved for YEARS over approaches to hearing loss.  It is all designed to find an approach that works for the most as you can't please all the people all the time.  

The main 'offenders' are US.  We never look at the bigger picture, and so awareness doesn't work at all, we are all 'individuals' no one size fits all etc then nobody agrees with anything, then you have to get a group of people to agree on a way ahead and accept that because there are more of them, regardless if right or wrong for you.

Only the deaf do that, the HoH do nothing if we are honest.  In 30 years I have seen awareness a total failure, not a single HoH 'campaign' has succeeded,  because they haven't launched any!  They got 888 (HoH did that not the deaf), then they stopped.  There were a few half-hearted attempts to print cards and show people with advice on, a loser wasn't it! but still, some are trying to resurrect that again, c'mon for goodness sake!

The last 10 years a whole heap of bias and misleading advice emerged which has isolated us all further the 'no one approach works for all' aspect means we are all on our OWN, time to unite to stop that feeding the isolation as a norm.  Deaf have succeeded with 300 active people that the HoH couldn't with 10m.  Because they acted more or less as a unit, the HoH still think one person alone can swing it.  

We are obviously not doing things the right way or at all, I don't know what the HoH answer is, but I find it refreshing during this lockdown some are starting to smell the coffee.... as for acting on it,  perhaps not, they lack confidence to go for it, the deaf did too, but found by uniting for a common cause they got things profiled.  OK they got this 'language' and 'culture' gig going on, regardless if it is smoke and mirrors, they have gained ground the HoH can only dream about. 

300 activists of the 'Deaf' ilk outdid 10m HoH and their charities?  Whether WHAT they did was right for the awareness of hearing loss, I think the jury is still out!

I posted many years ago on a different platform that the signing deaf received funding because they actually asked for it. I am not an organiser so couldn't set up a HOH group myself and there is the problem of HOH people struggling to communicate with each other whereas the signers don't have that problem to the same extent.

You don't ask you don't get, its pretty basic!  

Currently, the sector is getting millions in funding, for support, their arts/culture etc and they can claim the largest welfare/ESA payments for work in the UK too.  They still plead poverty and discrimination. I don't think it all rings quite true.  

We do know deaf charities have huge financial and Staffing mis-management.  Allegations of bullying, mass resignations of trustees and collapsing of BSL-run care etc.  However BSL IS a money/funding-spinner, and recent AOHL moves seem to suggest they are abandoning the HoH to muscle in those areas now.  

HoH are no longer an area the RNID can maintain any profitability or break-even thing now.  They dumped deaf care because it is far too random and badly run by own people, advice and cultural interferences made it unviable in many respects, these deaf would come out with different demands every other day hardly any realistic.

HoH have considerable means to communicate, they need to start lobbying for more effective means for themselves. 10m can get whatever they need easily. We know face to face is an issue because we cannot lip-read and don't want sign language, so I suggest they pressurise the various technology areas to develop real-time and individual speech to text translation (Because we DON'T want any middle man/woman), relying on others is the sticking point we don't want it.

Or support genetics to determine if we can eradicate genes that cause hearing loss etc.  We have got bogged down in lip-reading/hearing aid effectiveness when we really do not think either address's it.  So addressing WHY we think that, is another avenue.  Of course, that means you challenge the status quo currently.  It's long overdue before we all get sidelined in a mass promotion of sign language and become spectators in our own lives.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

BSL terps: GP's won't let deaf have them?

How your GP is paid to stop you going to hospital - TelegraphTotal bullshit!  A response from ATR to a site that published a video in BSL suggesting this was happening and discrimination. The BSL access video complaint and issue isn't an honest one and they don't explain the circumstance whereby an interpreter may not be in attendance (Or a lip-speaker etc).  

E.G. My partner uses a BSL interpreter her GP and the hospital cannot (Not WILL not), provide her with one i.e. in PERSON.  There were 4 reasons, none discriminatory.

One, the interpreters themselves (and understandably), were unwilling to risk their exposure to the virus in a medical setting where they believe they would be more at risk, (they have families too in lockdown to care for, and restricted movement like everyone else).  Deaf chose to ignore that  and demanded they take those risks and even asked them to work without PPE.  That was never going to happen.  Medical staff with PPE have died.

Two, The BSL support system is still predominantly a 'freelance' one in that they can in practice, pick and choose when and who they will support, for many it is a part-time job, although currently, the emergency systems want to change that because of the unreliability of booking help for those deaf demanding it and getting it in the neck from reckless claims of discrimination every time a shortage appears.  You cannot provide what is not there.

Three,  Hospitals and GP's have adopted video BSL RELAY options so areas like the 'SignHealth' (A BSL charity), can interpret remotely, a much safer option all around.  Deaf said we want real people not a screen.  They need to understand there is a virus out there and acute shortages anyway.  How do they think the rest have to manage?

[The current campaigns regarding face masks was another BSL red-herring as hardly any of them are decent lip-readers anyway and a lot insist on BSL only. Face mask issues actually affect the HoH lip-reader far more than the deaf who have alternatives to use, and who failed to prioritise or adopt either in the emergency claiming they were unable. Some refusing to adapt 'on principle'.]  

Four,  Only 300+ terps exist for an alleged 98K BSL users (currently sourced from the BDA who cannot substantiate their claim.).  BSL Interpreter training is pretty much at a plateau with no demand, confusing rules, and far too expensive to take up, so where IS demand coming from? Not the deaf apparently, there are obviously post-code differences, e.g. London/Birmingham will have high demand, other less populated areas may have no 'face-to-face access at all and probably never did have.  We are told 45% of ALL demand comes from London alone.  Interpreters to make a living will concentrate where their clients are in insufficient numbers to make the job worthwhile.

[Wales has near 500K HoH with no text access, no lip-speakers, and next to no classes in lip-reading either but they are still resisting the BSL promotions aimed at them, by comparison, the BSL users (estimated as approximately 1,500), had 47 professionals available.]

Is the reality, that demand is just NOT there for either lip-reading or sign language?  

Charity support, what is their involvement that affects help?

The AOHL is now supporting compulsory BSL in education an issue the NDCS doesn't agree on, have they abandoned their own core membership? the Hard of hearing?  Why aren't they promoting the alternatives hard of hearing say THEY need or want?  

AOHL chooses to 'follow the money.'  BSL can generate this and hearing aids and lip-reading doesn't.   AOHL and the BDA see their funding as coming via BSL support with the emergency and Local Authority systems paying for it as required by the law, in reality the BSL system is a free-for-all and chaotic anyway because of too many amateurs and self-proclaimed 'BSL experts' are messing about.  

Once organised expect these charities to be obsolete.  The prevailing problem is still the random nature of BSL support and getting the professionals to start acting that way and to get themselves sorted out. If these deaf do need a reliable support system then the present system is unable to provide that so don't shoot the messenger.

Hard Of Hearing access and support need.

Hard Of hearing areas should use the opportunity this virus has offered them and set up a 'Hearing loss' social media, there are millions of them who do not have this and fed up with ear wax and and hearing aid battery issues, that is the clinical aspect it doesn't include the person or the personal experience. Start to reclaim their hearing loss issues and start promoting what they need, they have sat on it for far too long, become apologetic and apathetic too, with more and more people suffering hearing loss it is not good enough.

The Deaf have their set up and campaigns, and that doesn't include the HoH.  They need to stop posting at us to sign all the time, or suggesting we are them, if we want BSL we will do it ourselves, and how it suits us, and if we don't want it, please accept our decision.  

That means IF HoH start to adopt sign in numbers, its tuition/support will have to change to meet that 'market'.  It would not be 'BSL' as the other deaf know it. There would be much more emphasis on the verbals e.g. HoH awareness hasn't even started in the UK yet.  The Deaf already tried to define us all with their D/d promotions.  Please stick to your own side of that line you have drawn you cannot have it both ways.

Monday, 11 May 2020

Hard Of Hearing: Should we promote sign language?

Omg shame businessman Royalty Free Vector ImagePredominantly no it seems.  HoH getting annoyed with relentless sign promotions targeting their sites.  Read on...

#1  I'd go as far as to suggest we don't promote BSL on a hard of hearing site. It just gives credence to the 'all deaf sign' thing and blurs the remit and support systems too in suggesting 'Deaf week' has a single thing to do with us. It isn't discrimination to promote what we want, it is just doing what they always have done. Anyone who takes offence need only go online and search for HoH or hard of Hearing and get a blanket BSL and ASL lot of links, or ear wax remedies, I want out of all that. 

We need clear water so we can see what is happening in our own areas. There are 'deaf' (That's us, and 'Deaf' that is someone else entirely), we cannot keep suggesting they are one and the same or the remit is even valid. It's misleading awareness. Even those of us who do have a smattering of sign are still not that area and never will be, is it so negative to suggest we do our own thing,? they have a right to do that and we don't? We need awareness on OUR own terms and not someone else's. These areas have opposed hearing aids, alleviation, CI's and most forms of oral approach.  Their gripe against 'verbals' seems paranoia. 

#2  Disagree!

#3  So do i, surely if someone needs to communicate isn't signing an option? The only reason it is seen as Deaf culture is that the general public do not sign, But if everyone did, think of the difference it would make to our society? Why does Society get caught up on verbal communication, when we communicate more with non-verbal means?

#4 ? People are perfectly entitled to disagree that is why I did.  HoH are verbal people (as are many deaf verbal people), the issue of a preference to sign instead of using a voice you may have, seems a totally pointless stance to make to me, who wouldn't you use whatever helps you communicate?  I suppose you refuse to lip-read as well?

#5  If everyone signed would that help the hard of hearing who don't? It's rather pointless to suggest they must and would benefit too,  it hasn't benefitted them has it?   They have to make us all sign for it to work, unrealistic.

#6  The very point I was trying to make. I get this all the time from pro-signing areas do as we do say not as we do. Society (As one female PM used to say), does NOT exist. If it did the deaf BSL user is certainly not in it, rather more running alongside it from what we can see, and by own choice. I don't believe they understand or want access OR inclusion except on own terms, but it doesn't work like that. 

#7  Verbal communication IS what HoH primarily support, you betray your own hangups by mentioning it, you have a chip on your shoulder, chill.

#8  We walk, we talk, we want to hear just accept it. You accept our need maybe we can start to accept yours it cannot be a one-way street. It's called tolerance look it up.  Over the years I have seen so many HoH people become isolated, depressed and alone, encounter mental health problems, unable to follow speech, neither in a hearing 'society' or the deaf versions, its an area suffering in very real silence and in millions. 

#9  BSL is no magic bullet, are you suggesting that the HoH right not to is discrimination against you? We would never agree on anything if that was the case, 

#10  He confuses HEARING with HARD of hearing because they view HoH as one and the same. He needs to say who he is talking about.  

#11 They dare not, that would mean the being seen as going against us when they are claiming to be going against 'Hearing'.

#12  The issue is the BSL user want a one-way street approach ending in a cul de sac where all these BSL using deaf gather, like some coca-cola ad, and that sorry, is not going to happen. 

#13  If I can promote my own need I am going to do it. The BSL user is not going to say I must promote or use theirs instead.. or else, who do they think they are?  

#14  HoH are too polite to challenge, and for their own access sake they do need to, you don't ask you are not going to get are you? I won't be bullied into silence because I prefer an alternative to what they use.  Each to his or her own.  They need to get out more.

#15  In a world of their own and it shows.