Monday, 11 May 2020

Hard Of Hearing: Should we promote sign language?

Omg shame businessman Royalty Free Vector ImagePredominantly no it seems.  HoH getting annoyed with relentless sign promotions targeting their sites.  Read on...

#1  I'd go as far as to suggest we don't promote BSL on a hard of hearing site. It just gives credence to the 'all deaf sign' thing and blurs the remit and support systems too in suggesting 'Deaf week' has a single thing to do with us. It isn't discrimination to promote what we want, it is just doing what they always have done. Anyone who takes offence need only go online and search for HoH or hard of Hearing and get a blanket BSL and ASL lot of links, or ear wax remedies, I want out of all that. 

We need clear water so we can see what is happening in our own areas. There are 'deaf' (That's us, and 'Deaf' that is someone else entirely), we cannot keep suggesting they are one and the same or the remit is even valid. It's misleading awareness. Even those of us who do have a smattering of sign are still not that area and never will be, is it so negative to suggest we do our own thing,? they have a right to do that and we don't? We need awareness on OUR own terms and not someone else's. These areas have opposed hearing aids, alleviation, CI's and most forms of oral approach.  Their gripe against 'verbals' seems paranoia. 

#2  Disagree!

#3  So do i, surely if someone needs to communicate isn't signing an option? The only reason it is seen as Deaf culture is that the general public do not sign, But if everyone did, think of the difference it would make to our society? Why does Society get caught up on verbal communication, when we communicate more with non-verbal means?

#4 ? People are perfectly entitled to disagree that is why I did.  HoH are verbal people (as are many deaf verbal people), the issue of a preference to sign instead of using a voice you may have, seems a totally pointless stance to make to me, who wouldn't you use whatever helps you communicate?  I suppose you refuse to lip-read as well?

#5  If everyone signed would that help the hard of hearing who don't? It's rather pointless to suggest they must and would benefit too,  it hasn't benefitted them has it?   They have to make us all sign for it to work, unrealistic.

#6  The very point I was trying to make. I get this all the time from pro-signing areas do as we do say not as we do. Society (As one female PM used to say), does NOT exist. If it did the deaf BSL user is certainly not in it, rather more running alongside it from what we can see, and by own choice. I don't believe they understand or want access OR inclusion except on own terms, but it doesn't work like that. 

#7  Verbal communication IS what HoH primarily support, you betray your own hangups by mentioning it, you have a chip on your shoulder, chill.

#8  We walk, we talk, we want to hear just accept it. You accept our need maybe we can start to accept yours it cannot be a one-way street. It's called tolerance look it up.  Over the years I have seen so many HoH people become isolated, depressed and alone, encounter mental health problems, unable to follow speech, neither in a hearing 'society' or the deaf versions, its an area suffering in very real silence and in millions. 

#9  BSL is no magic bullet, are you suggesting that the HoH right not to is discrimination against you? We would never agree on anything if that was the case, 

#10  He confuses HEARING with HARD of hearing because they view HoH as one and the same. He needs to say who he is talking about.  

#11 They dare not, that would mean the being seen as going against us when they are claiming to be going against 'Hearing'.

#12  The issue is the BSL user want a one-way street approach ending in a cul de sac where all these BSL using deaf gather, like some coca-cola ad, and that sorry, is not going to happen. 

#13  If I can promote my own need I am going to do it. The BSL user is not going to say I must promote or use theirs instead.. or else, who do they think they are?  

#14  HoH are too polite to challenge, and for their own access sake they do need to, you don't ask you are not going to get are you? I won't be bullied into silence because I prefer an alternative to what they use.  Each to his or her own.  They need to get out more.

#15  In a world of their own and it shows.